blogtember challenge: life swap

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ok so if I were getting graded at this Blog-tember challenge, I would totally get a D. Just above an F for complete failure, but a D for effort right? Maybe? I'll try to do better.

Today I'll share who I would swap lives with for one day and after thinking of soooo many famous celebrities to swap with, I brought it down a notch (tryin' to keep it real) to a fashion blogger (who basically hangs out with celebs) because it just intrigues the HECK out of me as to what. these. fashion. bloggers do all day!

Enter: Christine Andrew from Hello Fashion blog 

Fashion blogger. Entrepreneur. Mama. 

She started Ily Couture clothing boutique in 2011 and has now become one of the top fashion bloggers out there. Recently snapchatting pics from Tommy Hillfiger's NYFW show, with pics and video of Taylor Swift and RHofBH Yolanda Foster sitting right across from her. Say whaaaaaa? I mean this is just two of the many celebs she's met and then she posts the most amazing trips / daily life snaps of her family? 

Just interesting to me to see how she runs a successful online boutique + fashion blog + family and everything in between! I mean she is a super cute boy mom and maybe that's also what I love about her too. I mean...

But seriously? What does she do all day? How much free swag do these fashion bloggers actually get? What does her husband do? How many nannies do they have? Who runs the business full time? How/what do they do at NYFW? 

I need answers people. 

Life swap. One day. 

All I'm asking, then I'll gladly report back to my own precious life and fam...but with all the deets! ;)

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