Blogtember Challenge Day 2: GOALS

Friday, September 2, 2016

so many goals, so little time...


1. plan events for Holiday Open House, Black Friday, Fall trunk shows, etc... for Sugar and not PROCRASTINATE per the usual so I'm better prepared

2. finish my personal Christmas shopping by Dec 1st. With a new niece and a crazy retail holiday season ahead, it's a must.

3. get rid of my sunspots on my face (the best I can) now that I'm not in the sun as much. More on this process later

4. Purchase a new rug for our living room before my sister's baby shower and finally get drapes in our master bedroom after living in our new home for 1.5 years. 

5. plan an overnight trip for the hubs and I before the end of the year (to take a break from the crazy retail holiday season mentioned above!!)


1. pay off my business loan by my 10 year anniversary (I have 1.5 years to go. Eeeek I can do this and I hate debt)

2. commit to Whole30 and actually complete it 

3. try to clean out/purge/sell the boys clothing and baby items now that we are done having babies and even though I've given as much as I can to my sister, I desperately need to get organized within the next few years

So yes, big things here are 1. stop procrastinating/be more prepared 2. get out of debt 3. get more organized

these may or may not have also been goals of mine for the past 10 years but hey, still climbing that uphill mountain one step at a time! ;) 

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