summer projects: building a "shop"

Monday, August 1, 2016


Ok, not really but considering the hubs told me it would be done within a few weeks...


We are fine with how long it is taking, honestly, because it's mostly due to how much we are doing on our own and how crazy life has been to keep us from even worrying about this "shop". Our builder is actually done with his part (same one that built our house) it's just on the hubs now.

Ok, first let me back up. Ever since we built our house, we knew we had the most perfect little spot in the corner of our lot for a "shop". Some may call this a detached garage, which it is, but the hubs calls it a "shop". My dad had a huge shop when I was growing up since he worked on cars, welded, and all sorts of things. The only thing Chad knows how to do is build deer stands (insert side-eye emoji here) and he can build a few other things too - IF he wants to! He mostly just needed a place for his {huge} zero turn lawnmower and Bad Boy (basically like a souped up golf cart for the hunting-obsessed) All this junk was taking up TOO much room in our beloved new garage, therefore I haven't even been able to park my vehicle in it since hmmmm last October? 

We also do not have a covered porch on our house, only an open deck so we thought if we did a tiny covered porch off of the shop it would be a place for Chad to move his grill and have more {covered} patio space for entertaining.

I'm rambling, but here's the sketch I created back first of the year when we knew it was almost time to get the project started with Botts Construction. No set "garage plan" or anything, just a ridiculously simple one minute sketch.  From us to him and we all just kinda rolled with it.

Then we held our breath and prayed.

HA! No, we trusted our builder and he knew just to make it match our house so that's exactly what they did. Granted we didn't go with a metal roof (even though that was my first choice!) and we ended up using shake siding on more than just the gable...and a different shape window up top...but for the most part our new shop looks EXACTLY like this sketch. (and yes, that is a Christmas wreath because that is how the "Christmas-obsessed" envision things :) 

First up: the footings

simple cement block foundation (which we can stucco or brick later should we choose. I may need to add that this shop has been done on a B-U-D-G-E-T)

walls went up...

roof and side porch went up...

concrete was poured (and apparently it takes three grown men and two children to pour concrete and sit and watch it dry? Hey, it looks good though!)

under the side porch we extended the concrete to make a little curved patio towards the back. Nothing crazy, just big enough to maybe fit two big chairs. Two chairs for Chad & I to sit and watch the boys run and play, watch a football game and/or sip a glass of wine, perhaps? Yes, please.

the black shingles and the Granite Grey Certainteed vinyl siding goes on (again, all to match our house)

cedar posts are added on the porch (this pic was before they finished the detail of them...) shake siding is finished on front.

next up: lighting.

a sneak peek at what I purchased from one of my favorite companies! This is the fourth custom light fixture we've bought from them and we have been pleased with every single one. Love a good made-in-the-USA company too.

garage door and side door were added after Chad wired the shop himself (with the help of a family friend), got the power ran out there, added lighting and now he's working on inside walls and porch ceiling to finish.

i put my special "touch" on this man-cave of a shop, with the hubs' approval, of course. (and a paint color I saw over at  The Houston House blog.  Check her out. Ashley is an awesome interior designer in Savannah and an amazing artist too!!)

I'll have to keep you waiting, because I'm not even 100% finished with the door. You see, we work a little slow around here. HA. 

Next time I update I hope I can share the "final reveal" (if we really EVER get "finished" and can do that sort of thing). Off to order patio chairs from Target that I've been eyeing for months and it's finally on sale. WHY must patio furniture be so expensive? WHY?!!!? Sigh.

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