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Monday, August 29, 2016

How in the world is it already the last week in August?

We had another productive weekend. The hubs FINALLY finished the barnwood under the new shop porch and we finished staining the walls inside, some trim and we are really soooo close to being done. More pics to come!

Saturday night we went over to one of my bestie's houses to cook out and celebrate her upcoming birthday this week! Charlie's faces = hilarious. There were six couples and 7 BOYS in the kid department. No girls. All boys. That's all we know, I'm telling you...

Sunday morning the boys wore matching outfits from the recent Remember Nguyen sale to church...

I even accidentally color coordinated with this Lilly dress I've had for years,
(why do my boys insist on going barefoot? Seriously, both hate shoes)

Yesterday we got a lot of cleaning and such done around the house, went to my sister's to pick up furniture she was getting rid of (more on that later. new projects to come!) and then we were lazy, snuggled up in bed and watched the VMAs (well we had to turn it back and forth to Disney channel because darn you VMAs and the risque outfits. Cade was like ummmmm (as I quickly hit the remote)

Charlie was soooo whiney this weekend, I could have almost screamed but I know it's because he is cutting his molars and he is just miserable, bless his heart. Teething is NO FUN.

He's had a fever this morning and runny nose. I am so ready for him to just finish getting all of his teeth and be back to my happy go lucky baby.

Hope everyone has a great Monday! Hope it's another productive week and I'm excited for a long weekend ahead...

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