Cade starts 4K!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer sure did fly by fast, didn't it?

I can't believe Cade started his second and last year of preschool at Due West ARP Church! Next year means the big K and I don't even want to think about it. Just looking at this pic and the difference one year can make, seriously makes me want to cry my eyes out. He just looks so GROWN!

Charlie was one proud little brother and just kept looking around the house for Cade when he left. It was so cute, yet sad at the same time. He was so excited to see big brother come home!

Speaking of sad, Cade was a little sad his best buddies Brantley and Wade (who were 4K last year when he was 3) had moved on to Kindergarten at Cherokee Trail....BUT as you can see from the pics below, our Cade doesn't mind being friends with the laaaaaadies ;) 

Looking forward to another fun year with the sweetest friends and teachers

(and here's to hoping he will learn to like getting up early....he gets it honest!)

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