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Monday, August 15, 2016

I'm getting in the swing of things, back to work full time since my Summer helpers have moved away to college and gotten started with their own "swing of things". So Friday I worked until 6 and then rushed home to then head to Anderson for a sweet friend's bday dinner at Earle Street. Usually our Fridays are our busiest day, I'm on my feet most of the eight hours and usually exhausted - but I refuse to let that keep me on the couch on the weekends {gah, i sound so OLD} but seriously y'all....32 + 2 kids + this job = no joke. That's for ANY of us mamas in our 30s with multiple kids. Good Lord BLESS those that have more than two. Seriously. How do you do it??? 

It was a fun time, lots of laughs and good food. Been friends with this bday girl {the hot mama in the coral dress} for probably close to 20 years now. She drove me to high school when I first started in 8th grade at like 13 years old, so yep...almost 20 years! CRAZY.

{excuse the super flash and devil eyes...this was the best we got...}

Speaking of friends, I scooted up to Greenville Saturday to check out Sweetbef's new condo she recently purchased {woop woop!} and then we went all around Greenville getting Cade a haircut, shopping at the mall {which was CRAY - seriously like Black Friday. so. many. people} and lots more laughs and escalator/elevator rides...with both boys! HA They did great and Cade loved his new do' before back-to-school. Here he is telling Beth to "take my picture!"...

Sunday we went to church then my sis/bro-in-law offered to keep the boys while Chad and I had a day-date to celebrate our 8 year anniversary a little early! This is what an 8 year anniversary looks like: quick lunch {Mexican. no complains there though}, a long trip to Lowe's {#projects}, and then coming home to stain the walls in the new shop until our hands nearly fell off!!!! My oh my how times have changed...

yes, this is stain (Olympia Cape Cod) not paint! He wanted the woodgrain of the pine walls to still show through and that is reclaimed tin from his great-grandparents sheds and old houses that we are using on the ceiling. I can't wait to show you all the final reveal!!

You have to brush the stain on, not roll it. My hands literally almost fell off.

Oh and the hubs put together new porch furniture for the new shop too. All of the hard work will be worth it when we can enjoy it once finished and once the weather cools down. Can't wait.
Happy early anniversary to us, yes!

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