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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

our precious Charlie turned ONE this past Saturday, July 2nd. 
We celebrated with a small, fun family "dinner party" and I will post more pics soon. For now, here's stats on our big boy and I will hopefully fill in the weight/height when we go for his one year well check soon.

weight:     // height: 
he has 8 teeth
clothing: 18-24 month // diaper size: 5 // shoe size: 5 

A few of Charlie's favorite things:

bath time
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
trying to climb through our end table in our living room
empty plastic coffee containers & lids
giving kisses
playing peek-a-boo
trying to wake Cade up in the mornings
music and dancing
riding in his "tricycle" outside
throwing things in the toilet
apple juice
strawberries & pancakes
trying to swipe anything on our iPhones

  • this baby is the sweetest. Seriously. Cade wasn't a super snuggly baby, but Charlie looooves to cuddle up to you and lay his head on our shoulders when we hold him, give us hugs & kisses. He's just a very loving baby.
  • a few days ago he threw his hand up and smacked me in the face. I started fake crying and he put his hands out, walked in closer and gave me a hug and kiss. Ohmygaaaaah how did he know to do that? He is the sweetest, my heart could just burst. 
  • he can also blow kisses now. really he just puts his hand up to his face, but he does it whenever you say "blow a kiss" 
  • he's sweet, but he's also fierce and not sweet 100% of the time. no sir'ree...this one has a temper and is strong as an ox! He has pulled our door stoppers right out of the wall, pulled all our knobs off of our new entertainment center (PSA: don't ever get cheap Hobby Lobby acrylic & gold knobs made in India. Lesson learned) and he can throw a ball (or remote...or food...) halfway across a room! 
  • he doesn't just walk now, he is almost RUNNING. he can really take off and especially if he sets his mind to something he wants...
  • he loves to do PattyCake and loves to clap
  • he can wave now too if you tell him to say "hey to everybody". He throws that hand up real quick! hilarious

  • He doesn't like covers and blankets. I think he is too hot natured. I try to cuddle up and cover us with a blanket when I'm rocking him/feeding bottle and he does everything he can to kick them off! 
  • speaking of sleep, he sleeps in his crib from about 9:30-10 after nighttime bottle until about 7:30am. Never fails , that's about what time he wakes up unless he really stays up late then the later he will sleep. 
  • he takes about two naps a day, unless he's riding in a car then he definitely is bound to fall asleep more. one nap in the morning around 10 or so, then another good long two hour nap in the afternoon. 
  • he loooooves music, oh my word. when the music comes on he can not sit still. he will booty shake in a heartbeat, throw those hands up. We have countless videos of him getting into it. It's his new favorite thing to do!
  • he's really sort of kinda (even though hard for me to admit) a daddy's boy! Cade is stuck up my butt 24/7, no doubt, but word is he obsessed with his daddy. When Chad is holding him, most of the time he won't even come to me! He just lights up when Chad comes into the room. It really is the sweetest thing.

  • he is so observant and into everything. one of his favorite things he has learned to do is open the Puffs container, and now the Pringles container...the empty coffee container...(anything with a snap on plastic lid) with his TEETH. He sits there and pries it open. He also loves to throw things in baskets, put tops back on bottles. He has always had great eye hand coordination. He is constantly doing something and exploring.
  • he has been to the beach twice in his first year! once at 8 weeks and once at 10 months. he really loved exploring the sand and the ocean and taking it all in. he loves water, loves being on a boat, loves being outside just in general, so I am so thankful he will be a beach-lovin' baby!

This baby has brought so much JOY into our lives this past year. He is the apple of my eye and will always be "my baby boy"!!

your brother absolutely adores you...(and aggravates the mess out of you 90% of the time, but he does love you to pieces! You can absolutely tell and I pray you grow up to be the best of friends)

We couldn't imagine life without you and our family is now complete! 

We look forward to the many adventures ahead and can not wait to see what memories we will make. Thanking Him everyday for sending us our two precious gifts. 

We love you to the moon and back!

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  1. He is so darling!! I can't believe he is 1 already.. Love the pics


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