Jackie & David's Wedding in Boone!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Two weekends ago we headed up the mountains to Boone, NC where Chad's aunt and cousins live! His uncle Brian (his mom's brother) moved from Abbeville to Boone years ago and started a family there. This family has been through hell and back. You can read about it here, and here. I seriously have a different perspective about life because of what I've seen them...and all of Chad's family...go through. I'm inspired by them, humbled by them, and my faith has been strengthened by their testimony. So much love for them, my heart just overflows. 

So the youngest of the kids is Jackie and she met a fantastic guy and fell in love. God's blessings, they are such an adorable couple! They were set to wed in Valle Crucis, NC on June 4th at this amazing location.

The ceremony was going to happen under the big oak trees next to the river. A charming, storybook setting for sure. My mother-in-law snapped this pic for us right before. Note how my hair looks somewhat curled...oh, just wait...

The black clouds were swirling as if Uncle Brian and Drew were drumming up something big time, making it known they were there too. As soon as Jackie began to walk down the aisle by herself the drops started to fall. It was just a drizzle, then it started a bit heavier. I never got a pic but someone did eventually give her maid of honor an umbrella to hold over them.

We've never taken Cade or Charlie to a wedding, so they didn't know what to think. Especially with rain falling down. There I was trying to hold an umbrella over me, Cade and Charlie and feed CHarlie a bottle at the same time. Chad just sat there getting drenched. Ha Sorry Chad. 

You know, the rain fell. Just in life...s*%# happens. Life's not perfect, but you know is still BEAUTIFUL. The ceremony was just gorgeous. The bride and groom, gorgeous. Just before they walked back down the aisle it let up just long enough for us to get back up to the barn for cocktail hour.

Here we are in the barn drying off and ready for cocktail hour! You can see the sun even started to come out...

The little ones (cousin Claire, one of the flower girls) and Cade even wanted to "partake" in cocktail hour with their sweet tea. HA. How GROWN does Cade look right here? This pic kills me.

the sun really did start to shine and boy when it did, it got HOT! Cade didn't mind because he was occupied with the custom cornhole boards. How fun!

My mother in law and Aunt Sallie, mother of the bride. Such a great pic!

This blue eyed boy didn't know WHAT to think about all the wedding fun! He got so hot we had to strip him down to nothing but a diaper and his jon jon.

and he was STILL hot, bless it. This was right after they took the sides of the reception tent down because we were suffocating. So remember that too: they took the sides of the tent down. Um, yeah. Wait til' you hear what happens later...

First dance ("I Can't Help Falling in Love With You") sung by the bride's brother in law Josh, who also sang at our wedding ceremony. He plays the piano and he's amazing!

Charlie finally got chill enough to conk out and take a nap...or two...during the reception!

The food was awesome, the photobooth was fun and once the sun started to set the DJ really crunk up...aaaaand so did the storms. Yes, legit STORMS. It began to absolutely POUR down rain. The sides of the tent were gone. We all huddled up. The dance floor began to flood...

and you know what? NOBODY CARED.

We continued to dance, laugh and have an awesome time. The kids were breakdancing on the dance floor like it was a flippin' slip and slide. Here we are in this tent in the middle of a grassy field. Monsoon rain. Let's just say we were soaked to almost the knee (especially Chad and Cade's pants. Um they're ruined) but it was a GRAND TIME. The rain actually cooled things off and it felt amazing. I pulled my hair up, pulled my maxi dress up and just continued to have a ball.

Seriously such a fun wedding and I absolutely loved having our boys there with us. I am a firm believer in angels and I felt the presence of loved ones around us. I know Uncle Brian and Drew made that storm to let their presence be known. HA. We had such a great time and we're just so so excited for Jackie & David! Wish them many, many years of love and laughter...and imperfect, glorious blessings. 

...after all, that's what life is about! 

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