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Friday, June 24, 2016

So somehow my long time friend Sweetbef and I got mixed in with this pharmacy gals yeaaaars ago at Carolina (Beth and I were advertising majors) and we have all been friends ever since. We would spend Monday nights watching the Bachelor and I would even take my ZTA roomie Cameron along. We named it "Women's Club" and again, we all kept touch after college (one even married Chad's bff Brian and they live right behind us) The rest live in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Lexington so after lots of fun beach trips for bachelorette weekends and 30th birthdays, we decided to try to keep it a tradition to have a girls beach weekend whenever we could. 

One of our friends in our group ended up not being able to go due to some unexpected medical issues (y'all keep her in your prayers) but we leave no "SharkRider" (an inside joke/name for the crew set by a previous beach trip oh so many years ago) behind. We told her we would meet her in Cola at Groucho's - a favorite for all if you went to USC - for lunch and we were at least able to catch up and spend time with her before driving down to Hilton Head!

Once we arrived, our friend Kelly (whose parents so graciously offered up their condo to us for the weekend) gave us THE CUTEST beach towels, complete with our monogram AND a shark. Beth brought fun glasses, shark koozies, and more and I supplied the #SUGSWAG koozies of course ;) We were set for the weekend...

Friday night after a slew of awful storms, we braved the rain to head to Crazy Crab...

where I indulged in trying raw oysters for only the second time in my life (#YOLO) and had some of the BEST shrimp & grits ever. I have shrimp & grits a lot. It's my thing. These definitely rank high on my list, so try them next time you are there!

after dinner it was music, wine, catching up and Cards Against Humanity back at the condo...

The next morning it was cloudy, drizzling rain and looked like the day would be a total washout (boo), but it didn't stop us. We loaded up and headed out to the beach rain or shine! I was ready to sit my tail in a chair and not have to chase anyone, wipe anyone's nose, feed anyone but myself, or change a diaper for a day. Y'all know I'm obsessed with my boys and good Lort did I miss them, but a day of rest and relaxation is good for any mama's soul. We need it!

Luckily the sun came out - BEAMING - and we got lots of sun and enjoyed a fun day at the beach. We stopped by Salty Dog on the way back to get ready for a sunset cruise...

Here we are right before loading up on the sailboat. 

It was quite windy, but oh the views. No filter needed, it was just gorgeous. We popped a few bottles and also enjoyed wine + charcuterie that we packed along for the "ride"! 

Father's day was the next day and most of you know I lost my dad almost eight years ago. I couldn't help but to think of this quote while being out on the water (one of my favorite places to be)

"Grief is like the ocean. It comes on waves, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes it is calm and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim" - Vicki Harrison

Oh how that quote is true. I miss my dad so much but I felt as if God shed a little glimpse of heaven that evening, just so I could feel close to him again and glad I captured it in this pic!

Not to end on a sad note, our sunset cruise was so much relaxing...and lasted until after 10pm!  Afterwards we were all so exhausted we opted to head back and order pizza. Girls weekend success.

There's two things I need in my life besides my precious boys, husband, and family: my friends + the beach. No matter the ups and downs life brings, there's always one song that comes to mind...

"I get by with a little help from my friends..."

Thankful for friends. Thankful for the sea, the salt, and the sun. Thankful for my sweet husband (and sister and mom ... i mean, it takes a village) for taking good care of our boys so I could enjoy! 

Next up...

planning Charlie's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Next weekend. 

Y'all. I cant. 

Someone take me straight back to the beach so I can hide....aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

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