fripp sunset cruise

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

beach life is the best life. 

you come in from the beach, get ready in like thirty minutes leaving your hair half wet...then you grab this sack of shugah and peace out to go get on a boat with the most beautiful low country views you ever did see.

We've done a dolphin cruise years ago that leaves out of the Fripp Marina, but this year since I was the only one out of our crew who had even been to Fripp before, we decided to do the sunset cruise just to get better views of Fripp, see dolphins, and learn more about crab traps, the marsh life, and Fripp/Hunting Island. I'm a history goof and intrigued by all things SC history {especially our coast}, so bring it on. 

The sunset cruise is about two hours long and there was only about twenty adults + 5-7 kids on our boat. Cade tried to be captain.

and had too much fun with this darn fake snake they used on the boat to keep birds away. Lord Jesus help us all.

just a glimpse at some of the views...

these blue eyes twinkled with reflections of the water. nothing better.

ok, so maybe texting or playing on Aunt Coco's phone is better than watching the water to Charlie but whatever...

you seriously can't beat this.

after dolphin and shark watching and crab trap pullin', Cade conked out for the remainder of the cruise...

Charlie was still going strong, chewing on every bottle (or bottle cap) he could get his hands on. He was the best baby and loved being on a boat!

more dolphins. they were everywhere! and so close 

my pics are out of order, but here's brotherly love pre-Cade passing out...

love this...

no, he's not spoiled at ALL...

time to watch the sunset over the water...

After the cruise we picked up dinner to-go from Bonito Boathouse right there at the marina and ate way too many loaded nachos + fried shrimp baskets. It was a great way to spend the evening and I'd highly recommend doing the Fripp sunset cruise (maybe with a cooler of wine + charcuterie tray like the people in front of us because um, they were jam up and had it going on) at least once!

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