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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Charlie it is not ok to be that happy about turning 11 months. 
height: know next month weight: " " 
size 5 diapers // size 5 shoe

Not a ton of pics for this post since I've been blowing up the blog with beach pics lately, but here's what Mr. Charlie has been up to...

  • this child POINTS. It is the funniest thing. I think it's because every time Chad comes home from work he points at Charlie and says "THERE HE IS....MY man!" so now Charlie will point back or just point at people and put his head down like "you my boy blue!" Hilarious. I have got to capture in a picture
  • he is still the sweetest, most cuddly, happy baby. when chad returned from his friend's bachelor weekend after not seeing the boys for a week...Charlie just laid his head on Chad's shoulder and would not let him put him down. It was the sweetest thing. Almost sickening for this mama to watch. Lord knows he LOVES his daddy! He may be a daddy's boy and Cade a mama's boy. It is so sweet how he loves to love though. 
  • he is finally sleeping through the night. lately we will give him his nighttime bottle (8 oz + cereal) at 9:30-10 and he sleeps until almost 9am. Almost 12 hours!!! It's amazing. Cade never even did that. 
  • he loves food. i mean clearly. he doesn't even really love a bottle anymore except for nighttime so I've been trying to wean him off and he really only takes one in morning, maybe one before afternoon nap and his nighttime bottle. he loves to eat REAL FOOD. he use to love Mum Mums and all the "baby snack foods" but now he even throws the Puffs in the floor. Can you blame him? Honey Nut Cheerios are so much better. HAHA Pretty excited (yet a little sad) that I bought my very last can of formula ever last night)
  • he eats bananas, blueberries, cut up waffles/pancakes for breakfast, cheerios, green beans, sweet potatoes, i mean really anything I cook now I just cut up for him to eat. 
  • he eats so well because um he has EIGHT TEETH NOW! What. tha. heck. Four on top and he had two on bottom but now two on each side have broke through. 
  • he has been teething because of this and fussy at times, but honestly even while teething at the beach he was still the best baby. he is super easy when we go out to eat (hello, just give him food) and then he just loved being on the beach or pool. He really is so chill. The biggest blessing. 
  • I will say, he is NOT super easy though because this child is ON THE MOVE. He is walking like crazy now and into every single thing. You can't take your eyes off of him for a second so yes, my hands are very much full
  • he loves to sneak into a bathroom and try to play in the toilet. disgusting. my mother in law tells me chad was the same way so there: "he get it from his daddy".... gross! We keep ALL bathroom doors shut now. 
  • his size 4 shoes are too tight. seriously. at 10 months. i really don't think I'm going to find any shoes to fit his chubby feet. Any suggestions? Cade's were chubby too but not like this. I think Toms is my best bet or sandals that velcro and are adjustable on top. He really needs some good Summer walking shoes.
  • he tries to talk up a storm but just a lot of babble. he will occasionaly say "uh oh" and say "mama" or "da da" but that's about it. He just talks in his own language and whenever I try to talk jibber jabber back to him he stares at me like "um, mama no." 
  • he loves to play with old plastic coffee containers that he finds in the cabinets and he's obsessed with putting the tops back on. 

I just can not believe it is already time for me to plan his first birthday party! With Cade I swear I was planning at freaking six months. With Charlie I am putting it off big time. Complete and utter denial. Where has this year went? SLOW DOWN TIME!

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