Court & Mack's Gender Reveal!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I can't believe it has taken me this long to get this post up because I've been shouting it from the rooftops everywhere else! Just so excited for another new blessing in our family. Babies are truly a GIFT. I knew my sister and her husband had been trying for a while with no luck and I just prayed to God to bless them with a healthy baby. They will be amazing parents! The Sunday we traveled home from Boone, we basically dropped off our stuff at the house and got ready real quick to head over to their house for a simple, fun gender reveal with all their fam. Mack has three siblings, so it's always a big crew - even with immediate family...

Court had Sweet Treats make cake pops in "baseball and bows" (since Mack is a baseball coach) and they were so yummy. We were dying to see what color would be inside!!!

They actually recently bought a new home (one that was better suited for raising kiddos in) and they got in just in the nick of time, to truly get settled before baby arrives. Literally they just moved in just a few weeks ago! I love, love, love their screened in porch with TV. The sectional is from Lowe's mixed with lots of items they already had. It's a work in progress, but I think it is a fantastic spot to sip a cold drink and relax. These two think so too :)

Blurry pic, but they had to facetime with Mack's sister Meri who lives out of cute...

Then we were all ready to TAKE A BIG BITE...

and what color do you see???


Courtney and Mack have three nieces on Mack's side and two nephews + our two. Then Chad and I have three nephews. We are just use to boys, boys, boys. Definitely more boys all around than girls so we were all excited to bring in a little more PINK to mix with all the BLUE!

Courtney and her MIL sweet...

Now our two boys have my mom's HEART, that is for sure (and after having only two girls of her own, she will be first to admit that she wasn't quite sure what to do with having they have her absolutely wrapped) but she is absolutely tickled PINK to have a granddaughter. We can not wait to buy all things girly, frilly, and oh so many bows. Cade and Charlie are going to be the best bodyguards too :)

but first, let's talk about the most important gifts...haha...

and these curls!!!! 

Tegan (Courtney's current "baby") doesn't know quite what to think about all this!

kids and snapchat these days...

and this set of pics I captured is hilarious...

"Charlie sees Tegan"

"Charlie runs from Tegan"

"Charlie looks around and thinks "Now where is that dang dog!?" 


the kids all had fun playing...

these two are my HEART. Seriously so much love for these two women.

Cade has so much love for Aunt Coco too...

"Children are a gift from the LORD. They are a reward from Him"
-Psalm 127:3

CONGRATULATIONS COURTNEY AND MACK! We can't wait to meet our little...

Macy Joy Hite 

(Macy is just a name they loved and Joy is my mom's name :) 

She is set to arrive around Thanksgiving. Prayers for the remainder of my sister's pregnancy and now to let the baby shower planning begin!!

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