the end of a season

Friday, May 20, 2016

Cade finished his very first tee ball season Tuesday night! It went by in the blink of an eye. He really had a fun time playing with his cousin (and "best buddy", so he calls him, shown here in pic beside him) Carter and he loved making new friends too. His main coach was his Uncle Wayne and then Chad and another friend Blake helped the team out as coaches too. Here's a few pics I snapped at Monday and Tuesday's games. I tried to capture this little time in their lives and bottle up all of our tiny ballplayers because I know I will blink again and they will be playing baseball in high school.

It may take him 28323983 swings before hitting the ball, but my boy does know how to do one thing really well - SLIDE. As if he "needs" to slide in tee ball. This just goes to show you how much he likes putting on a "show". He literally couldn't hit the ball because he was too concentrated on making sure we were all watching him. LAWD. Then when he DID hit the ball, you should have seen that "strut" to first base. He is such a trip.

papa josh stealing kisses from Charlie. So presh.

Taking pics with Troy because Cade wouldn't cooperate {or stay off the playground long enough}

This one had the best time watching big brother and friends play!

one of my best friends, Ruth, with Charlie. too much sweetness!

Again, very thankful for our coaches and our little ballplayers. This is a view right here I better get use to. I am thankful the Lord blessed me with two healthy boys who can play ball and I can only pray my nights are filled with the bright lights of the ballfields and my laundry room filled with dirty uniforms. 

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