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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

weight: has to be over 26 lbs // height: 32 inches as of 9 months
clothing size: 18 months // shoe size: 4 // diaper size: 5 // 

  • such a happy boy, unless he has more teeth coming in or he's hungry. He is seriously so laid back, just content as can be watching Cade or TV (Cade never cared about TV and it's not that Charlie sits and watches it for hours but if Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on , you better believe he's going to watch it as he plays in the floor. He's in awe of Mickey! Loves it! He can hear the hot dog song and freak out. Hilarious!
  • speaking of playing with Cade, he is soooo much happier when Cade is there. I'm not kidding. I'm sure most of you experience this if you have two also. It's like Charlie doesn't know what to do if his big brother isn't there. Cade goes to school 8-12 MWF, so Charlie is alone with my mom during that time but when they pick Cade up he gets so excited. Also Sunday we were outside and Charlie was kinda fussy, which is very odd bc outside is his fav, but then when Papa Josh brought Cade home a few hours later, we were all outside and Charlie was just happy as could be - in a complete trance watching Cade again. This is a typical pic. Cade on iPad and Charlie getting into something...
  • we are definitely doing baby-led weaning because this child has basically been eating table foods for months now. I mean look at him! He's toddler size! The craziest thing is that he legit does. not. eat that much. He eats normal amount of bottles as other babies his size and just has been eating baby food + table food (again, normal amounts) for past couple months...mainly this past month for sure. 
  • he loves bananas, pancakes, sweet potato fries, noodles, green beans, etc... and I love that he can feed himself! He really does so well and now the funniest thing is that with every bite (if he really loves something) he will start going "Mmmmmmm..." to let you know he loves. It is adorable.
  • he makes this squishy big smile face that just melts me. You can see those little teefys and he just looks so darn cute and funny all at same time when he does it! 

  • he loves to play peek-a-boo. Now he will "hide" just about anywhere, even if it means just burying his head in your shoulder/chest while you're holding him. If you say "Where's Charlie??" he will bury that head or hide it behind a toy, no matter where he is, then he will pop that head out and we will say "THERE HIM IS!!!!" (awesome grammar i know...) hahahaha his favorite thing to play
  • everything still goes to the mouth, I swear he has tried to put the lamp cord, the ear buds, any sort of cord is his favorite but if it's on the floor you better believe he's going to try to put it in his mouth. We vacuum constantly. We have to make sure Cade's crayons and small toys (we never even let him have his Legos from Christmas. Bless. They just had to go straight up to storage until Charlie is older...) out of the floor because Charlie WILL find it.

  • like i mentioned before, he loooooves to be outside. he could stay out there for hours and hours just watching Cade or Chad in the yard and me riding him around on his little tricycle. We go up and down the driveway and aaaall around the concrete...a lot. 
  • he can "give shugah" now. You ask him to give you sugar and he will open that mouth real wide and dive in for a big ol' sloppy kiss! Best thing ever.
  • he can make himself stand without holding on to anything and he has taken a step or two here and there, then just fallen back down. He can walk all around the room with the walker or holding onto furniture. I know it won't be long! 

  • he can still crawl fast as ever and gets into everything
  • everything meaning even the toilet {ewww} 
He is truly our little bundle of joy, our little (ok, BIG) sack of sweetness and I just don't know what we ever done without this precious grin!! 

Happy 10 months sweet boy! I'm off to start planning your first birthday, but first I may just crawl up in the fetal position and cry. Yep. That.


  1. Give me a spoon, because I could eat him up!!!!! He is too precious Sandi!

    1. i knoooooooow ! Thank you! it is ridiculous how many times I kiss those sweet baby rolls!!!!


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