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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Another weekend come and gone. Is it just me or is this year not FLYING by? How are we halfway through May and almost halfway through this entire year? Baffling.

Speaking of time flying, how in the world is this sweet baby ONE already? Our precious cousin Blain (born only seven weeks before Charlie) turned one Sunday (he was born 5.15.15 so I never forget his bday) and we had fun celebrating with a sweet rubber ducky themed party!

This sweet blue eyed boy loved his cake...

How we both ended up with blue eyed boys this go around is beyond me because both of their older brothers have the darkest brown eyes. Holly and I have been friends since sixth grade. I can't even add up how many years that has been. A loooong time. 

I married her first cousin. She married one of my childhood best friends. That's what happens in a small town. Thankful for friends that turned into family and thankful to raise up all of our boys together. I love them all like my own and pray they grow up to be the very best of friends also.

precious cousin love. Maddox (one of our twin nephews) is soooo loving. love this sweet pic...

"When BAE doesn't want to hold your hand"...(insert crying laughing emoji here)...

Cade, Emerson, Carter, Blakely, and Hayden...

This was the "original crew" when Cade stayed with Mrs Kim from the time he was six months to almost three years old. Some cousins, some just friends, but all best buddies.

It was a great party and I'll have to post more pics from Blain's first birthday photo session soon!

Speaking of parties, we also hosted a fun fiesta themed couples shower for some of our friends on Saturday evening. It was the perfect night. Recap of that next, but here's a teaser with this cake.
Seriously. Ah-maze.

This wasn't exactly our weekend, but just our Monday night. It may have very well been our last t-ball game if their "last game" gets rained out today! I hope not...must see these cuties in uniform just one more time...

They play for oatmeal pies. That's all :)

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  1. How cute!! What a fun weekend :) Chelsea @


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