celebrating chad's birthday

Sunday, May 22, 2016

After work Thursday afternoon, Chad and I drove in the pouring rain all the way to Charlotte and checked in to the Doubletree. We didn't even have time to do anything but change and eat the free cookie they gave us (hello, you know we aren't going to let that go to waste) then we started walking to Uptown Ampitheatre/Music Factory. The rain had ceased a little, it was just a drizzle and it was just a fifteen minute walk or so (through a cemetery and I was totally sketched out but whatevs...) but once we got there it was such a cool venue! So many restaurants all around and just a hip, fun place.

Who were we there to see? None other than Chad's absolute favorite - Chris Stapleton! We've both been obsessed with Chris' album The Traveler and The Steeldrivers album since well before Chris had his debut on CMT Awards with JT (still the most amazing performance eva!) This was my birthday gift to Chad and oh how we had looked forward to the ultimate out-of-town date night. We seriously had not been out just the two of us but maybe one time for my birthday since the first of the year. We've had so much going on lately. Seriously unreal. It was just a much needed night away!!

We grabbed some food at one of the food trucks and settled in for the concert. Sam Lewis opened up then Chris and Morgan came on about 9:30pm. He played for about an hour and a half but I wish he would have played all night! OMG he was every bit as amazing as we thought he would be. We seriously had the BEST time.

We went out for a bit afterwards and caught a taxi back so we wouldn't have to trek back through the cemetery (*eye roll* ha) but we were most excited for a full night's sleep! The rain continued all through Friday so we just rushed straight home because I couldn't wait to snuggle with these love bugs. That's basically what we did all weekend, besides going over to a friend's house for fish tacos and sparkler fun...we just cleaned / packed for another upcoming trip / and snuggled all weekend long! 

The best.

because they're only little once...

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