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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Last week we spent Monday-Friday at one of our favorite places - Fripp Island. I say "we" but I don't mean "we" as in me, Chad and the boys...but "we" as in me, the boys, my sister, my mom and her boyfriend Charles. You see, it was sort of a quick "girls trip" ... + the boys + Charles. Chad was leaving for a Bach weekend on Thursday and had to work the beginning of the week and then Mack (my bro in law - teacher + coach) had to finish up his last week of school and start Legion Ball. We decided on this quick trip because the rates were so much cheaper pre-Memorial Day and before Cade is in "big school", we figured might as well pull Cade out for a week now since he's only missing three half days of preschool, not five full days. 

I was in desperate need of a vacation and vitamin SEA! Also in need of extra snuggles with these really was a great time. We took Charlie on his very first beach trip to Harbor Island last September when he was only 8 weeks old, but this was really his first trip where he could play in the water and sand and really experience it! 

Two little beach bums, coming right up...

Charlie really didn't know what to think at first...

but then we put him in this little blow up pool under the tailgate tent and he absolutely loved it. We also took it down to the water for a bit and put water in it. He splashed around in it for almost an hour!

and Cade, well he is basically a fish. He gets in the water and we have to pry him away to get out!

Have you ever seen so much sweetness?

This is his brother's 4T Prodoh shirt that he's wearing. HA!

...because salty kisses from Aunt Coco are the best.

Next up, more of our trip and a Fripp Sunset Cruise!

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