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Saturday, April 30, 2016

yeah, just trying to think of another blog post title other than "catching up" or "lately" because that's all I've been doing and this is definitely just a mish mash of what we've been up to this past week or so!

First up, this adorable market opened up just two doors down from Sugar. More on that later (bc it's fabulous!) but I've now become addicted to this cookie dough chocolate bar from there and a Diet Coke, which is the perfect afternoon pick me up if you ask me.

Last Friday night I thought it would be fun for us to have a "make your own pizza night", which we've never done with Cade. It was fun...and yummy! He made a traditional pepperoni pizza and I did bbq chicken pizza. We will definitely be doing this again soon. He loved it and has really started helping me lots in the kitchen lately.

Last Sunday was busy. We went to church, came home, ate lunch, then I went up to Erskine College (just a minute drive...or you could walk... from where we live) for two different photoshoots for friends. It was a gorgeous day to take photos!

Then while Chad worked around the yard, I loaded both boys up to go back to church for an awesome Compassion outreach program, called His Little Feet, and it was just great. Cade loved it and we are definitely looking into sponsoring a child. I wish I could sponsor them ALL. We hugged and gave high fives and fell in love with them all. They were precious. I think it was great for Cade to see so many kids from other countries, hear their songs and their language and to know how Jesus loves EVERYONE, in the whole big world and that there's so many kids without mommies and daddies who we need to help. He was just wide eyed the entire time and afterwards asked so many questions. He is veeery inquisitive these days and how BIG do they both look in this picture???? AAAAAH time slow down!

This past week we've had more tball games. I got the dreaded stomach bug on Monday night so I had to skip Tuesday's game (boo!) , but here's a pic from last Thursday when Chad pitched and Cade almost hit him! It's hilarious to watch Cade play and Chad coach...I don't know who gets aggravated the most. HA! It's too funny.

The weather lately has been amazing. We don't get many 70 degree Spring days, so when we do we like to take FULL advantage. This was taken Monday night (pre - stomach bug) when Chad decided randomly to smoke a deer tenderloin wrapped in bacon and we put on  Chris Stapleton, our fav, and opened up the doors to let the breeze and sweet smell coming off the BGE in. I love nights like this with my boys and it was the perfect cure for Monday blues (like I said, until the stomach bug arrived. *eye roll*)

Also over the past two weeks we started building again. 

Um, no. Not another house.

(not no, but heeeeey-yuhl no)

but a "shop".

a tiiiiny, cute little shop.

Some may call it a "detached garage", "carriage house", and more... but for my deer stand-building, Bad Boy ridin', hunting' and fishing''s his "shop"/man cave. 

and yes, I am every bit ok with that. I haven't been able to get my SUV in the garage since I bought it in October. His "Bad Boy Buggy" and zero turn lawnmower are huge and take up so much room. So does the upright freezer full of deer meat...the several Craftsman tool drawers he (and my brother and bro-in-law) inherited from my dad's huge shop. There's just a TON out there that definitely needs to fill his shop up quick, so we can get our garage organized and start using it to it's full potential! Our cars + kids ride on toys + outdoor toys + extra fridge can all stay but I can't wait to start another project once the shop is done and transform our garage to OCD organization CITY. (because I am SOOOO over it's current condition and how it's been for a year or more. Ugh)

We knew our little "shop" was part of our master plan all along, hence another reason we tried to skimp on things when building our house. My dad had an eight car garage "shop" (he worked on cars/had a car lot so it made since) and when growing up I have so many memories of spending days "down at the shop" while my dad worked on cars, welded machinery, listened to music, built things, and so much more. We would skate, ride our ride on toys, and just have fun time with him. With two boys, I know that's inevitable. Whenever I want to find them, I'm sure they will be in the shop with their daddy and I love that. 

I hope they enjoy huntin', fishin', learn to build things, love to work in the yard (Cade already does) and we hope to extend from the shop and have an area to entertain as well. Our house builder, Botts Construction, is building this "shop" as well and he's basically going off sketches that I did from mine and Chad's vision. That makes me even more eager to see it all come to life as we don't have a set plan or photo we are going off of! I know it will be great and Chad has a lot of neat ideas he wants to incorporate + we have a TON of antiques & old "junk" basically that we look forward to giving a new home and repurposing in the shop and for entertaining. So ready to finish this last missing "puzzle piece" on our property. This house and everything we've worked hard on the outside is slowly but surely turning this all into a HOME. 

Our home. 

and it feels absolutely amazing.

More on the shop and house updates soon!

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