:: nine months ::

Sunday, April 10, 2016

...well a week late!

Weight: will know at 9 month checkup // Height: " " 
Diapers: SIZE 5 // Shoe: SIZE 4 // Sleepers: 18 MO // Clothing: 12-18 MO

Charlie. You are a BIG boy.

"Uh, oh!" 

  • The rolls. I just can't with the rolls. He's not only just roly poly, he's literally BIG. Like height and weight, so much so that people think he's a year and a half...not just nine months.

  • he loves to say "UH OH!" and "BYE" while throwing that hand up to wave
  • he loves loves loves to be outside! He can be in the worst mood then instantly feel better the minute we take him outside.
  • his favorite foods are any of the fruit and oatmeal baby foods. He's eating table foods like a champ too. LOVES bananas! 
  • he loves a remote. He even knows to look at the TV and almost point when he's holding it. Wonder who he's been watching to see that so much? 
  • he loves to aggravate Cade and pull his hair! 
  • he's been called a girl twice out in public. I have no idea why, unless it's the longer hair, (which by the way is starting to curl and i love it. i have curly hair and so did my dad) because I always seem to dress him in blue. One lady at the grocery store and one at the ball field. Bless it.
  • Speaking of ball field, he LOVES to watch big brother play t-ball! 

  • he has really been standing up a good bit on his own. He can pull up and walk all around the living room holding on to something, but no steps on his own yet! 
  • he is into EVERYTHING! No walking, but geez he crawls so fast and when he's in his walker he zooms around the whole house. It's hilarious. Everytime I feel like it makes me think he's zooming by in a Jazzy. We've tried to "babyproof" the house as much as possible, but you can't take your eyes off of him not even for a second. 

  • He's gotten better with his sleep and I've gotten better with letting him cry it out! He takes his nighttime bottle at about 9:30 and he sleeps until 4-5am, he may cry a bit but most of the time he goes back to sleep until 7:30 or so! Such a blessing! I think he was just used to that middle of the night bottle and it's something we definitely needed to wean, since there will be no bottles at all soon (praise Jesus!)
  • he is obsessed (and i mean obsessed!) with the door stoppers. He pulls them back and watches them go "ding" and has successfully managed to pull about 80% of them out of the wall. This is what happens when you have a new house with a baby. Just a forewarning to anyone pregnant and building out there! Like Elsa says "Let it go...let it go...."

  • one of his favorite toys is the stupid rubber bath toys. I took them out of the bath (bc eww) and now he loves to make them squeak and chew on them. Lort. 

Oh how we love this precious smile. He is the sweetest, most laid back baby. Seriously.  I don't know how in the world time is flying so fast and I certainly don't know how we ever did life without him!!

Happy 9 months my sweet boy!


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    1. I die over the rolls!!!! 25.12 pounds can you believe that????

  2. He is the sweetest thing ;) Love it
    Chelsea @


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