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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I've been a terrible blogger. So much to post about (like Charlie's 9 month post) but so little time...Alas, I realized I had this post drafted from forever ago and feel like I should post now before these "current makeup favs" are no longer very "current"...   

Besides fashion, my next obsession is beauty products! Specifically makeup. I've been obsessed (and have rarely left the house without...) makeup for the past 17+ years. My stepmom was a beauty queen, all into Merle Norman (I'm talking porcelain skin and bright red lipstick, always.) and she really got me into it all when I was just an early teenager. 

I've always had not-so-great, acne prone skin and as I've gotten older and hormones are absolute wacko, it's only gotten worse. I have yet again recently went back to the dermatologist to get a new regimen to correct it and over the past few years I've really had to change my makeup to products that were only HELPING my skin and my acne, not hurting it. After trying soooo many different types of foundations and makeup, I finally love love love what I am using right now and that's why I thought I would share. I've even become more obsessed with makeup, contouring, etc... over the past couple of months. I don't have a ton of time for it with two kids obviously but until my face is flawless (probably never going to happen...*eye roll*)...well, I'm going to keep rockin' out the makeup and giving myself that confidence to face the day. Plus, I think makeup is fun! 

So here's where it all happens, our master bathroom which is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I recently updated my vanity chair (finally!) with this one from TJ Maxx. It fits so much better than the wooden x bench.

First up, prep. I haven't always been great at this but I have ALWAYS (well for probably 10 years now) used Mary Kay's eye primer. In the South, I don't see how anyone's eye makeup stays on and not crease without it during the warm humid months! My friend Beth recently gave me lots of fun Ulta goodies (because she knows me so well) including Urban Decay's eye primer and I must say, it may be my new favorite. Works just as well as Mary Kay's! 

I use an Oil Control serum to moisturize and {try} to keep my super oily face oil free throughout the day, then a foundation primer with sunscreen which I've learned recently sunscreen = my new best friend. What the hell was I thinking in high school and college trying to fry my face? No thank you. Lastly for Christmas my sister got me this huge (amazing!) Tarte set from QVC and it came with a brightening eye cream that I use under my makeup during the day (at night I use a richer, more potent eye cream). Oh and the Pore Professionals Primer is my FAVORITE for making my large pores seem smaller. Must have.

So yes, all of this and it sounds like a lot, but it's worth it when your makeup goes on so much smoother and looks better. I also like MAC makeup primer and I'm eager to try Smashbox primer as I have heard rave reviews about it being the best. I think the most important part is to moisturize your skin, even with oily skin, if nothing else. Try the eye primer though, either Mary Kay or Urban Decay. Your life will be changed. I linked the products under each pic (and no, I DON'T get paid for clicking my links!!! I don't even have time to blog must less figure out how to do all that jazz...)

So the secret to a flawless face when you have not-at-all flawless skin is ..... FAKE IT. Seriously, these foundation/concealer/contour/blush products save my life each and every day and hide many, many, many sins on my face. If you're one of my very close friends then you've seen me without makeup (see I told you not many have! #vain) well, you know how much this makeup does.

My first secret and #1 obsession is Glo-Minerals Liquid foundation that I began using years ago and purchase locally from Trinity Street Skincare/Spa in Abbeville, SC (she use to be in Greenwood right next door to Sugar's old location). It's a mineral makeup, so it's GOOD for your skin and I swear it's magic. You apply it with the texture brush and it just magically erases all flaws, evens out your face perfectly, and leaves a finish that's not heavy at ALL. It doesn't even feel like you're wearing makeup, which is what I like. I may wear a lot of makeup, but I certainly don't want to LOOK like I wear a ton or have on layers and layers of cakey foundation on my face.

The concealer I use is nothing fancy, an $8 Revlon little secret but it. is. amazing. Definitely hides any blemishes and/or dark circles, which is just where I use it plus a little on my nose, forehead and chin to highlight. If I don't need a really heavy concealer coverage, I'll use Mary Kay's concealer which is also great! (use a lot in the Summer because more sheer). To set all of this, my new found love is IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Translucent powder because it will seriously make your face seem more flawless and set all of your foundation/concealer before you begin contouring and adding blush. Next is Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit which I got last Fall and have no idea how in the world I lived without. Why am I just now jumping on the contour-bandwagon? It just adds dimension to your face and I do it just about every day now, then my blush. To make your complexion even more flawless another recent (fabulous) purchase is Benefit's Hello Flawless Powder Foundation. I just apply with a brush on the light/highlighted spots of face and under eyes to set everything even more.

{I'm going to list in the order as to which I use them} Glo-Minerals Protective Liquid Satin II Foundation in Honey Fair (for Winter. Summer I use Honey Light. In between I mix the two) // Revlon Age Rewind Concealer or Mary Kay Concealer // Beauty Blender to blend concealer in with foundation // iT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Translucent Powder // Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit // Merle Norman Blush // Benefit Hello Flawless Powder Foundation // MAC Bronzer
Now on to the eyes, my fav! I never leave the house without mascara. Never. I even have dark eyelashes, but I do not feel awake or alive until I have on mascara or even a little bit of eyeliner. My favorite eye palette I've used for almost two years now is UD Naked 2 (I'm more of a browns and pinks girl) and I use it with my MAC eyeshadows, which I swear are the absolute best because they're the most pigmented. Favorite eyeliner for everyday is Tarte and for special events or on days I know I need it to stay I like Merle Norman's Eye Cream pot that you apply with a tiny brush. It is waterproof and legit stays on! Favorite mascaras (of all time is YSL Shocking but I've yet to splurge on that again) would be Tarte and Benefit. I also love Mary Kay and Merle Norman mascaras. I am a mascara junkie!

Also, you probably know it's all about the brows and I have always had thick, full eyebrows so haven't paid much attention to them honestly besides being a stickler about keeping them shaped. BUT, at Christmas I used a gift card to buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil that all the beauty bloggers rave about and hooooooly cow. LEGIT. Super easy for me to fill in the sparse spots and make a really great brow. I also have been using a brow gel I got as a sample. I am by no means an expert at brows, but definitely workin' on em every. day. like whoah.

Benefit They're Real Mascara // Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Pallete // Merle Norman Lasting Creme Eyeliner in Slate // MAC Eyeshadow in Embark // MAC Eyeshadow in Mythology //  Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara // 
I didn't add my favorite lip products but I've been loving my Tarte crayon lip pencils and glosses from the set I got at Christmas. They're easy to use, stay on great and I keep them at home, in my purse, at work. I constantly have to have chapstick or some sort of lipgloss on my lips and here lately in the Winter months, I feel so pale and need lots of color on the lips. Always! It just makes such a difference. I take photos of my Sugar models without lipstick and I'm like "uhhhh let's go put some lipstick on!" They know it's true and can always tell how much better they look "with a little bit of color" so my Granny Young (lover of lipstick) would say!

So those are my favorites and I promise I will add an actual photo of my face in full makeup soon, when I also do a skincare regimen post and share some of my new favorites // all time favorites // recent additions from dermatologist.

Stay tuned and PLEASE share your favorites with me. I need!!!! 

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