huntin', fishin', and lovin' everyday.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sometimes Luke Bryan's cheesy lyrics get ON my nerves. Like, big time. I'm more of an Eric Church girl than a Luke Bryan girl, but this catchy tune has been in my head for daaaays and reminds me so much of all my boys...

My husband has been an avid hunter his entire life I do believe. His main obsession is turkey hunting, then it would be dove season, then deer. He also loves to fish and had a brand new bass boat when we were first married, but sold it once we decided to have a baby! (aka: never got to use it once kids came along. ha) 

Sometimes I do curse this hobby of his, like when he leaves me to go hunting in Alabama for five days (!!) or when it's just me and both boys on a Saturday morning because he's been up since 5am hunting. Lawd. BUT I don't complain too much because I love that he loves it so much, I mean heck he works his tail off with work, raising our boys and taking time to spend with them and around our house, so this little hobby keeps him sane. Same with me and my girls trips sitting out on a beach in peace and quiet, reading a book and doing nothing (yep, that would be my hobby and sanity keeper!) 

Turkey he killed last week...he's got several mounted. ALL over our garage. He needs a man cave asap

I also know it's a hobby he is to enjoy, while spending a LOT of time with Cade and Charlie.

God knew what He was doing giving us two boys. A lot of people ask me "How do you not have girls? You own an apparel boutique, so girly - you HAVE to try for a girl" Like legit, my OBGYN dr. says she is going to give me the "secret recipe" to have a girl!?! Sure, it would be fun but nope...seeing the sheer joy of Cade going hunting with his daddy (he's been once or twice but still little too young) or posing for a picture like this is absolutely all I will ever need in life. It is the sweetest thing, he is so PROUD to be anything like his daddy and I love them all so much - they make my heart 100% full, overflowing with joy and contentment. 

and I just can't help but think how happy Chad would be if he really could live out Luke Bryan's song of "huntin' , fishin' and lovin' everyday". Lucky for his best friend, Casey, (in pic below) who really does get to live out his dream of fishing everyday as a professional bass fisherman who won the Bassmaster Classic last year. When you got friends as these, how can you have boys that are obsessed with "huntin', fishin' and lovin' everyday...." ?

I'll keep my girly fancy shoes and pink at Sugar for day, but bring on the camo, fishing poles, and mud covered boots when I get home. Love my Southern boys!!!

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