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Friday, March 11, 2016

Well, last Thursday night and Friday there were lots of cuddles as the littlest went to the dr. at 9:00am Friday morning for his second flu shot and then Cade went to the doctor at 2:10 for a fever virus. Yuck. Luckily it didn't turn into anything worse and he was back to himself on Sunday!

We let Charlie try out shoes for the first time. Baby Crocs. I die over the cuteness...

We wished my younger brother a happy birthday on the 6th! Can't believe he turned the big 2-0. My word does time fly. Here he is with his cute new girlfriend. They are precious.

We had to say goodbye to one of our family members. This is where this post gets real sad and why I haven't really felt like blogging until today. Sunday night our dog of seven years got hit by a car. He usually never runs near the road and stays right there in the yard, but alas I have been trying to tell Chad we needed an invisible fence. Looking back Cash had been a little out of sorts lately and doing some odd clue how or why he ran over past our neighbors and out in that road, but needless to say we were all devastated and especially this little boy....

He and Cash were best friends. This may have been his very FIRST best friend. This is what broke my heart the most. Knowing how much Cade loved Cash and on the flipside, how very much Cash loved Cade. Chad said he had never seen a dog love a kid like this. He was truly a special lab and I'm not sure if we will ever be able to replace him. Cade says he knows Cash is in heaven now and playing with Jesus. He helped his daddy bury Cash and we have a beautiful grave for him, complete with dandelions we planted. Prayers for our sweet Cade! We told him we may get a puppy again one day...we shall see...

On a much lighter note, we've been working away at Sugar with LOTS of new Lilly Pulitzer styles as we gear up for Easter...

We've celebrated my sis, who on Tuesday night won the Hulk Award for being a "superhero" volunteer for United Way. Seriously, I don't know how she does it. Working most weeks 7 days, over 40 hours as owner of Voila! Bridal and Formal AND a real estate agent for Whitmire Real Estate and she still finds time to volunteer and make a difference in our community. She really is my superhero!!

We celebrated even more birthdays. My sweet Sydney, who is part time at Sugar and a senior at Emerald High (also attending Carolina in the Fall. Woohoo Go COCKS!) celebrated her 18th birthday on Wednesday!!! Balloons and lots of sweet treats for the birthday girl...

With this amazing weather, we've spent lots of evenings outside soaking up every ounce of sunshine. I am beyond excited the time changes this weekend!!!!!!! Helloooooo sunshine til' almost 9pm. YES.

Big boy loves riding in older brother's "tricycle". Check out those rolls...aaaaaaand baby Crocs.

We've worked on our cars... (my daddy would be so proud)

and made them sparkle and shine with mommy's Mrs. Meyers lavender scent cleaner. (sheesh! boys!)

and dirty boys playing outside = early bath times with fun Crayola Bath Dropz , Cade's favorite. Hope the Easter bunny remembers to bring them more...

So yeah, that's been our week or so. Ready to enjoy a weekend full of sunshine, snuggles with my boys and NO PLANS (other than t-ball practice, church and maybe cleaning my office at Sugar Sunday (boo)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend too!

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