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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

size 12-18 month clothing // size 18 month sleeper // size 4 or 5 diapers

favorite food: obsessed with puffs and baby mum mums now

favorite person: definitely a mommy's boy

favorite thing to do: watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's crazy!

favorite toy: Cade's batman cave
  • still our super sweet, cuddly, lovey boy. He has the cutest grin and can be so bashful, burying his head in your chest whenever someone starts showing him a lot of attention or ooing and aaahing over him. It is the cutest thing.

  • he has SIX teeth. Four up top (top two middle teeth have the cutest gap I've ever seen) and two front bottom.
  • speaking of teeth, he's grinding them. What the world? Who grinds their front teeth? Anyone else experienced this? Crazy! Oh and he bites. Do not get your finger anywhere near his mouth or you will be brought to tears. Seriously, he's drawn blood before. Little vampire. 
  • He's still off the charts BIG. Those feet. Those hands. He's probably going on 24 pounds now and you can feel every bit of it when you pick him up.
  • he loves bath time with Cade. He just loves being in the water in general and chewing on the bath toys (gross. i throw away the ones that could get nasty water in it, trust me) 
  • he is still eating Similac Sensitive, several 6 oz bottles a day then 8 oz + cereal in nighttime bottle. He eats the Gerber fruits + oatmeal type baby food at breakfast (bc I feel like it's more filling and easier to feed) and then the 2nd foods chicken & apples, chicken noodle, etc baby food at night. 
  • he loves baby mum mums, puffs, yogurt melts, all the Gerber snack foods for his age. eats them at his high chair in the kitchen while we wash dishes, eats them while sitting in walker...
  • he has tried real food already (#secondchildprobs). Has tried mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, tiny pieces of mac and cheese, grits, etc... There has NEVER been a food put in front of this child's face that he has not ate. He seriously loves ALL food. I mean, look at him :) I am so grateful he's not a picky eater!!!!! Hope this continues!
  • he is getting a head full of hair, dark dark brown hair
trying to hold the sign on his own. "See! I'm 8 months old!" 
  • he will say "mah-mah" and "dah-dah", even though he doesn't know what he is saying... then ramble on now and then. He likes to sing himself to sing sometimes. THAT is the sweetest.
  • speaking of sleep, nope still not sleeping through the night. Alas, Chad and I are to blame since we have yet to implement "sleep training" and really try to let him cry it out. I just can't do it yet, I have no idea what is wrong with me. I have let him cry it out some, but most nights I just feed him a bottle and he goes right back to sleep. Call it lazy, because it is dang sure easy and faster than letting him cry it out!!! Maybe I will sleep after he's one. Who knows. 
  • he loves to be outside! he will ride in the little tricycle that you push and he loves to watch big brother practice t-ball and blow bubbles. He's always laughing and smiling, just having the best time.
  • still rolls for days. i can't wait to dress him in bubbles and show off those legs all Spring/Summer long!! :)

  • His eyes are still very much blue. Know they still may change, but he could just be taking after my grandfather Charles Wendell Hall, Jr. who had the bluest eyes!!! We shall see. I could stare at this precious baby doll {and rock him} all day...

  • My mom texted me a picture of Charlie pulling up on his own for the first time. I texted her back and said "WELL PUSH HIM BACK DOWN!"  Ha! It's just happening all too fast... he is seriously into everything.

  • He still does his army crawl (not an official "on all four" crawl) and he can go fast!!! If he sees something he wants on the floor, you better not blink because he will have it in no time. 

  • He loves playing with big brother's toys! His favorite thing to play with is still the "bat cave" and he also loves a few of his fisher price toys. He likes to put everything in his mouth! 
  • still loves his walker and he can ZOOM through the house. He will follow you around everywhere, so much so that when I'm trying to cook sometimes he will bump right up on the back of my heels and ouch! You can't even have him in the kitchen when cooking because he seriously is right up under you. It's the funniest thing. 

He really is the sweetest thing. He's a goooood baby, so I can't complain about him getting up once a night (ok, sometimes twice when he's teething) to take a bottle. He never cries unless he's hungry or sleepy...OR unless you are trying to touch his face (get boogies out of his nose, etc..) um he FREAKS out. Screams bloody murder.

.**KNOCK ON WOOD** he is 8 months now and has yet to go to the doctor because of a sickness. Yes he has been congested some and had runny nose, but nothing major or to the point where we have to go to doctor. For this, I praise. praise. praise! So thankful. Cade had terrible ear infections and ended up having tubes at 11 months. (I nursed them both the exact same amount, four weeks each) I hope Charlie bypasses all of that. So far, so good. Praying our boy stays healthy!!

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