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Monday, February 1, 2016

What a week last week. Whew. 

We are trying to sell our old house/property (that is mine, my sister's and my half-brother's) and what an ordeal that is. It's bittersweet because this was the house we grew up in and our papa's house is on the property too and it's all such a huge part of our lives, yet it has become such a burden to keep up, try to sell, etc... we are just so ready to sell out and put it behind us. It's a lot of closure for us. You think it's just another piece of property, a sell is a sell...but it has such sentimental value to us and there's so many twists that keep happening and coming up that take us back to our dad's death that it has been quite the emotional rollercoaster. Ok, enough of all of that being said, yes Friday night I just went home from work and chilled. I was so done. I think I was in bed by 10:30. Lort. #thisis32

Saturday morning was full of snuggles and trying to clean things up (and out) to prep for Cade's upcoming birthday party we are having. After lunch we got ready and told Cade he had a surprise "date" with mommy and daddy. We headed up to Greenville and arrived at the Peace Center at 4:45ish...Cade still had no clue what was going on UNTIL we began walking up to the doors and he overheard a police officer talking to someone about how Peppa the Pig sure did bring in the crowd and it was a sold out show.

"PEPPA!?" he squeeled?


as in the pig.

Sure enough, we got inside and got seated...then here came the million questions. "Mama who is going to be behind that curtain?" ... "Well who do you THINK will be there Cade?" (just to see what he said) and he gave the cutest sheepish grin and said "Peeepppaaaaa???"

Cade has been obsessed with Peppa for a while now. I don't know what it is about that darn show and those darn pigs, but if he's not watching episodes on TV, he's watching them on his iPad.

Waiting to see the big surprise...

Almost time for the curtains to they go...


I actually had another priceless photo of him smiling like crazy but it was blurry because he was literally bouncing up and down. It was a great show and at intermission he was even bummed asking a million times when it was going to come back on. ha! Teenager status...

After the show we took him to eat mexican (his request! his favorite and he gets it honest) and we had such a fun night together. I think it's really important that now that we have TWO kids, one requiring a lot more attention than the other since he's merely a try and carve out that quality one on one time with Cade. It was just "me, chad, cade" for nerely 3.5 years and I know this past year has been an adjustment/shock for him even though he's handled it extremely well and been the best big brother. I love taking the time to spoil just HIM and I hope that every birthday we can do something really special and instead of buying him toys, just go somewhere and make memories! Love our "big boy" oh so much!!!

Sunday we had it on the calendar to help my sister move her store. That's right, I moved Sugar from 203 Waller Avenue to 334 Main Street and now my sister had the opportunity to move her bridal and formal boutique, Voila! (that was right next door to Sugar) over to Main Street too (it's on the other side of Uptown from Sugar now but I am still excited that she moved from Waller Avenue and now has prime visibility as well. Such an awesome retail location!) 

If you've ever wondered how many men it takes to move 23987429385 dresses just around the corner from one store to the next, we can tell you. It. was. hilarious. 

There were poofs and poofs of tulle and frill from bridal gowns then you would see one tiny little head popping up out of all the dresses...and a MAN! We took lots of video needless to say.

It turned out to be the perfect day to move a store (I mean, we're pretty good at moving now) and oh my word - her new location is absolutely GORGEOUS. She had a little help from our friend Sarah at Dwell Chic, who designed the new Sugar, and once again Sarah did an awesome job. 

It is every bit of what a swanky bridal and formal store should be now. She said goodbye to old carpet and hello to gorgeous hardwood floors, a tray ceiling, high ceilings and an open floor plan! Oh and again, LOTS OF WINDOWS so those gorgeous gowns can actually be seen from the main road that runs straight through Uptown.

I am so proud of my sister and how much she has grown Voila! over the past few years. She bought the nine year old business in 2013 and has worked extremely hard. She also recently got her real estate license and sells real estate on the side now. The child is NON STOP (note: they have no kids yet. We remind her that kids will slow her down one day, but she's like "mmmm whatever" HA) I think we both get our entrepreneur spirit from our dad, who owned several businesses after working on the railroad and his mom, our grandma Hall, who had a floral shop after working at the sewing plant. They were always self employed. Regardless of where we got it from, the fact remains...we know we've got ONE life to live it how we want to live it and you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to do with a little hard work and a lot of faith.

If you're in SC and newly engaged or looking for an awesome pageant or prom dress, I encourage you to come on down to Greenwood and check her out. I can say first hand after sitting in a bridal appointment with Chad's cousin that my sister definitely rolls out the red carpet for EVERYONE and makes every bride feel special. She really does go above and beyond (not just saying that because she's my sister :) Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Snapchat @voilabridal 

I will be taking pics inside her gorgeous store this week and can't wait to share them with you!!!!!


  1. I cannot wait to see the inside of the store! My cousin (and my MOH) just got engaged so that might be a little fun day trip to come and try on dresses! I can totally understand your feelings toward the property, we have a house on Lake Hartwell, and that house is my childhood! A few years ago my parents were considering selling it due to some work that needed to be done and they were thinking about moving to Oconee. It was really hard on me, but I saw where they were coming from. However my tears won them over, the house had some work done to it and we still have it haha!

    1. So glad someone else understands and so glad you guys kept the house!!! Love Lake Hartwell!


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