Monday, February 8, 2016

It was quite the busy week last week! 

On Wednesday I took Charlie to his 6 month well check (one day after he turned 7 months. Oops. #secondchildprobs) and once again, this big boy was OFF THE CHARTS.

He was actually off the charts (they say 99th% only because his growth curve literally goes off the charts. It's insane) with not only his weight, but also his height and head circumference. So it is good he's well proportioned and praise the Lord he is HEALTHY and HAPPY!

Big boy has nearly tripled his birth weight in seven months, weighing in at 23.5lb. He was 30 inches long. I know he is going to slay me one day for posting such a pic all over the internet but I can not handle these rolls. I just want to squeeze him and kiss him all over. Aaaaah, the cutest! Dr. Fuqua also said his head has really rounded out and once again, no concern for a helmet. The back is still not as rounded out as it should be but she said it would continue for the next couple of months. 

I had fun putting him in his Bob Marley onesie that Uncle Mack and Aunt Coco brought him from Jamaica! That hat though. (it's Cade's). He wouldn't sit still but he was rockin' it all so well. 

Yeah mon.

Wednesday was also Cade's actual birthday and after school he had one of his classmates/friends/neighbors Emery come over to play for the afternoon. We joke that they are boyfriend/girlfriend and I said this pic is "when you and BAE show up to school in the same vest"


Thursday evening after work I was off to a bridal show in Abbeville for a fun fashion show. Here's some of the gals decked out in Sugar for the show!

I mean, how dreamy is this...

Friday morning it was up and at em' early to head back to Atlanta...yes, again.
It was apparel show at market and one of my employees/Sugar models Sydney and I loaded up on lots of coffee on the way.

It was a JAM PACKED day and I arrived back home utterly exhausted.
It's always a fun time at market but Atlanta traffic? No words. I dread every single time.

Saturday I spent the day cleaning and getting the house ready for Cade's 4th birthday party!
Fresh flowers and sunshine had me craving Spring like whoah.

and yesterday was the big day. 
What's better than Super Bowl Sunday? 
Throwing your four year old a football themed birthday party on Super Bowl Sunday!

Full party recap coming soon. He had a BLAST!!!!

and now, well...this mama is going to have more coffee. Whew.

I swear the Monday after Super Bowl should be a national holiday. Back to work I go...

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