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Thursday, February 18, 2016

We've been in our new "home sweet home" for over a year now. 

It still feels surreal, yet some days it's like I don't remember living anywhere else. Our walls have handprints and scratches from grimy little toddler hands and baby walkers that won't fit through a certain hallway corner.

Our kitchen cabinets have been cleaned countless times from spaghetti sauces splatters, Lucky Charms spills, and semi-tasted baby Puffs that seem to stick everywhere when wet. 

We've got stains on our new living room rug, just this week planting more trees outside, and it's a never ending list of "to-do's"...

but we have LIVED in it and we have LOVED in it. Seriously the biggest blessing and it has been such a joy to bring home our littlest to this new house and watch our boys grow up!

However, let's get back to that To-Do list. We never went forward with laundry room cabinets (to save $) so it's just a blank space over the washer & dryer and I also don't feel like the room is being utilized to it's fullest (think: more hooks needed, more storage, something on lower part of walls to prevent all the knicks and scratches from the boys throwing shoes, jackets, and gosh knows what in there. 

This is definitely top priority for me as I am one to go to Sam's and stock up on toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, laundry detergent, etc... and it just seems we don't have enough space for it all! I thought at first I wanted simple open shelving and baskets (like below) but now I am toying with the idea (and bracing myself for the cost...) of cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. 

I clearly love anything related to clothes and I honestly have always LOVED doing laundry (weird, I know). The hubs does help in this department, but for the most part this is my space and even though it's right off the kitchen in the main area of the house I still want it to be fun! I love fun, bright small spaces that are unexpected. 

Here's some inspiration and I will soon post a before/after (ok, maybe not "soon" may be months from now...I'll try)

We also have a top loader steam washer like these below so that makes it tricky. You can't put a countertop over it, which would be nice for folding.

How fun is this?

Do I keep it classy/chic like the first pic or fun like the last, with loads of character? (Chad would die, but I already have a PINK light fixture in the laundry room so we're already on that path I suppose...)

What are your favorite features in your laundry room? We have a tiny space, so any and all tips to maximize storage is welcomed! Can't wait to get started on this project soon!!!

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