Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Yep, this is our little Joshua Cade...

His face says it all. He's laid back, silly, witty. 
A sense of humor just like his daddy.

and I just can't believe he's FOUR!

He has literally changed from a toddler to a little boy right before our eyes this year.

The biggest highlight of his past year was becoming a BIG BROTHER.

Oh how he loves his baby brother and oh how Charlie loves HIM. If Cade leaves the room, Charlie will wimper. If Cade walks back into the room, it lights up his world. I can not wait to see how close these two become. I know they are sure to be the best of friends and it brings me tears of joy to see them together. 

Cade has grown bigger, grown taller. Lost more "baby fat" and again, he really looks so much more like a little boy now than a toddler. This past year he had to have some dental work done (uh, a lot of dental work. As in had to be sedated twice. Darn cavities. Apparently he has bad teeth. Some kids have "good teeth", some have "bad teeth" no matter the amount of yeah lucky us) and now hopefully his grill is good as new and will suffice for the next couple of years until they start falling out.

We've really had some great times with our big boy this past year. His first Carolina game was a real treat! He loves football and had the best time. Chad knows that he's still a mama's boy too...

but he is definitely a "Chad mini-me". Looks just like his daddy, especially when he was at that age and they have the best time playing outside together, riding the Bad Boy, working in the yard, practicing t-ball (we just signed him up to play this year since he will be four!), going hunting (he went hunting with Chad for the first time this past year too!) etc... Chad really is so good about getting him outdoors and spending time with him. I'm excited to see how he likes playing t-ball this year and going to watch him and all the other kiddos. It's going to be fun!

Every ounce of him is 100% boy. I'm talking dirt underneath his fingernails, scraped knees, muddy boots, messy "4-wheeler" smelling hair, pop-tart crumbed mouth BOY.

He is fearless and loves new things (as in this baby shark didn't scare him one bit) and loves adventure. I hope he never loses that. Ever.

My boy definitely got something from BOTH his father and I: 

he loves to have a good time.

Music, laughing, being silly. He loves life and he taking it ALL in. That's the best.

I look into these big brown eyes and see a reflection of myself, my husband, and I see a glimpse of our future...when this four year old turns fourteen....then forty two....

We shutter to think how fast it's all going to go by but I am excited for so many fun adventures and memories made with this big brown eyed boy and sweet precious smile.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a story about this four year old and how dang sweet, thoughtful, considerate and overprotective he already is of his mama. (Mamas, if you have boys then you know the cliche' is so true: there is truly something about a little boy and their mamas) 

The other night when I had a mini-meltdown after an emotional day, (sometimes you just gotta cry. It's rare I do it, but it always makes me feel better when I do) Cade could tell I had been crying...

"What's wrong mama?" He asked, and I explained that I just missed my daddy.

He looked up with this confused look on his face, sooooo worried and said "Well, where IS he??" (like why can't you just go see him, duh!?) 

I said "He's in heaven"

and a sense of relief came over his face and he looked at me with that "I'm-going-to-take-care-of-you-mama-look" and said "Well, let's just go up and see him and come right back!!!"  (again, like duh!)

Oh, if only it were that easy. 

I didn't even say a word, I just nodded my head and then he continued.... "...then when I get up there, I'm going to hug Jesus and take a picture with him"..... hmmm a selfie, perhaps?

The innocence of a child is priceless

Again, it's very rare I cry, must less cry in front of Cade. I rarely talk about my dad, we have pictures and sometimes I do share stories about "Pop Pop", but I really should share more. I want Cade and Charlie to know him and understand who he is. It's been nearly eight years since he left us and I guess one meltdown a year is still ok. 

Especially until me and my sweet boy can figure out that quick trip to heaven deal so we can go spend the day with Pop Pop and "come right back..." 

to my thoughtful, caring, full of life, joy, and sweet as sugar CADE!

We love you to the moon and back and thank God every single day for sending you to us and making us parents. Life truly is so much sweeter because of you. 

Cheers to another fun filled year and we can't wait to celebrate this weekend!

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  1. don't make ME cry. cade is seriously the sweetest little boy/child/human ever. wonder where he gets that from? could it be his mama? ;) love you friend. can't wait to celebrate this big boy on sunday.


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