Sunday, January 10, 2016

Friday night I. was. exhausted. Barely made it through the day after a rare-horrible-neither-child-would-sleep night. Charlie was stuffy nose and fever on and off, it was terrible. Poor baby couldn't sleep. Chad helped some, yes, but being the worried control freak mama - I still feel like I didn't get but two or three hours of sleep somehow. Oh and if you know me, you know if I do not get sleep...I do not get along...with anyone. Buhhhh. So Chad took Cade to his parents to eat, but Charlie and I chilled and after any week at work that's just what I'm dying to do: snuggle with my babies. 

Saturday (after a much needed good night's sleep) it felt so good to have no plans and just clean, organize, etc... I'm trying to be productive each weekend and get a little more organization/house projects done. This past Saturday I finally organized piles of clothes in both boys rooms and all of their new Christmas clothes. I put two big rubbermaid containers upstairs in the attic, labeled, for future hand-me-downs. 

It was a nasty, rainy day but Chad and I had thrown around the idea of going to dinner and a movie as a pre-birthday celebration for moi. His parents were eager to babysit (God bless em') and since they insisted we go, we thought why not. They brought over the twins with them and Cade squealed in excitement. He looooves his cousins. They even cleaned up Cade's room and playroom (nephew Jackson vacuumed) and surprised us when we got home!!

We went to Papas & Beer for some mexican (my fav!) and then settled in to watch The Revenant. My pick. Yes, I know...why did you want to go see a movie where Leonardo DiCaprio sleeps in a dead horse carcass? (real talk) Well the movie actually did look like one you'd need to see in a movie theater (props to the mad cinematography) and well, after all these years indeed I am still a huge Leo fan (Leo + Adam Sandler = all time favs) I knew out of all the movies that are out right now, this would be one that Chad would want to see too.

and here's what I left the movie theater thinking :

"Everybody's all Clemson this and Clemson that on Facebook and I'm just over here like "if Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't finally win an Oscar for THAT dang"

It could happen! Tonight he  won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama and also The Revenant won Best Motion Picture Drama. Might I add Tom Hardy was ridiculously good in this movie as well.

Go see it on the big screen. Just make sure you have lots of popcorn because it's legit 2.5 hours long. Yup.

Today I had to take a sweet newborn's photos then we were off to Colt's second birthday party. This is the only pic I got for the day, both boys ready to go party. Charlie is of course typical "Is this kid serious?" face towards his brother. ALWAYS cracks me up.

and that was that.

 a fabulous weekend of rest, snuggles, family time and friend time. 

aaaand here's to hoping the boys sleep better this week!

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  1. can't wait to see those smooshy babies this weekend (and you...and celebrate)! :)


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