Monday, January 25, 2016

All last week the buzz in the Upstate was that we would get SNOW this past Friday and Saturday. Some meteorologist said just sleet/rain. You just never know what we {as in Abbeville County} will get because we are 45 minutes south of I-85 and sometimes it misses us completely. 

Well Friday afternoon at work I could see more and more "freezing rain" falling from the sky. I left early (since I had Kayla to close and she lived 10 minutes away vs. my almost 30 minutes away) and I did take dinner over to my friend Jamey and finally catch up with her for a bit (PTL: Update is she is going on 24 weeks and the babies are still growing - one being over 1b. So just keep praying GROW BABIES GROW and that she makes it long as she can without going into pre-term labor). Well by the time I left her house and headed home, it was holy SLEET. The roads were full of ice and slush. Scary

I made it home just fine and after dinner we all sat in the living room and watched a few snow flurries begin to Fall. Hopeful.

Yet, the real magic was Saturday morning when Cade woke up to more than just flurries. A dusting of flurries...the real deal...SNOW! His face was priceless.

We definitely got about 1.5 inches or so. 

Alas, Charlie was still not impressed. BAH!

Charlie's first snow. Our little snow bear. 

I've had my pink Hunter boots for years now, but I swear I've worn them more this past year than ever with all of this rain we've had. Definitely worth the investment. Granted I can even wear mine to work, but yes I do wear them ALL the time!

Cade had so much fun and just didn't know what to think!

and this picture just kills me. THOSE ROLLS!
We both definitely have my dad's chin. Aaaah, I could just eat. him. up.

Daddy and Cade played ball outside, had snow fights, and all the sorts...

Our neighbors/friends' kids even came over to play, but me and Charlie were nice and warm inside sipping coffee and watching Food Network. Yep.

Charlie's all like..."HELLOOOO from the INSIIIIIIDE!" 

It was a fun, lazy Saturday full of snuggles. I tried to be productive and work on tax prep + laundry + cleaning but honestly I mostly just snuggled with the boys, rocked Charlie for most of the day, sipped more coffee,  ate more food, and watched the snow quickly melt. Fun times.

Sunday we did venture out of the house (the snow was gone and we were ready to get out!) and had lunch with Chad's grandparents. This is "Big Jack and Little Jack".... 

This amazing man has a granddaughter and two grandsons named after him (Jackie, Jackson, and our little Jack Charles). Yep, he's kind of a big deal. 

and such a fighter. please say a prayer for him as he continues to fight his battle with cancer!!
Love him so much!


  1. That is a beautiful pic of Charlie with his Grandpa Jack. You all have suffered so much loss from Cancer. I Hate Cancer. My Mother had it too, but died of a Heart attach almost 9 yrs ago after fighting so hard to beat cancer. Praying for the family..

    1. Thanks Michelle!! We appreciate the prayers, means so much and yes I hate it has claimed too many lives I wish they would just finally find a CURE. We can only PRAY!

  2. You're the second person I've seen with the pink Hunters! They make my black look so boring!! The picture of you and Charlie is precious! Prayers for grandpa Jack!

    1. Oh girlfriend go get you the PINK! They did have them on sale over on Hunter's website. Also look up the line Joules for cute rainboots at even better prices than Hunter. I want a pretty dark green pair next. I need black too - see you can NEVER go wrong with black :) Thank you for your sweet comments and prayers. Means so much!


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