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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Who's 6 months already? You talkin' bout ME?"

Yep, just like that. We blinked and he's already half a year old! 

*cue the waterworks*

I'm a few days late as he was 6 months on Saturday (the 2nd), but here's what our big boy has been up to...

Weight: will update at 6 month checkup // Height: " " 
Diapers: Size 4 // Clothing: Size 9-12 month // Sleepers: 12 month
Teeth: 2 on the bottom 

  • Charlie is still getting up once a night. Anywhere from 2am- 5am, it varies and yes I've tried everything. Maybe he's just going to be one of those babies who doesn't sleep through the night til' he's one but honestly y'all I can not complain that much. This baby is the HAPPIEST, sweetest, non-fussy baby through the day (unless he is hungry or his teeth hurt). He truly is such a good baby and I am knocking on wood as we speak and sending up a thank you prayer too! 
  • He loves his teething toys, constantly has something in his mouth and he tries (and will) put our fingers in his mouth if he's sitting in your lap and the other day that child BIT ME and drew blood. I legit screamed...then I wanted to say "Charlie bit meeeehh...and it really hurrrrt" (you know you've all seen that YouTube video ;)

  • He's obsessed with his big brother. Sometimes Cade can walk out of a room and Charlie will poke that bottom lip out and even wimper. Cade comes back in the room and Charlie just lights up. It is by far the absolute sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life!!!! He loves for Cade to come up and talk to him and play with him. Now that he can sit in the floor, they love to roll the ball to each other (well, Charlie tries) and play with toys together. They are already the best of friends. 
  • During his six month, Charlie went to the mountains for the first time and loved it. Perfect {mild} weather for December. All of the Christmas lights and the music - that was his fav! He will start swaying back and forth when he hears music, as if he's dancing. I wonder if he will love it as much as Cade (and us!). I can only hope...
THIS PRECIOUS SMILE IS CONTAGIOUS and has brightened our day, everyday, for half a year now!
  • He is eating baby foods twice a day. Fruits for breakfast or lunch and veggies for dinner. He has loved EVERYTHING we've given him so far. Clearly, as you see, the baby likes to eat. He is still on Similac Sensitive and doesn't have near the tummy/gas issues as Cade. Santa brought him more Puffs (and baby food, etc...) and while he hasn't tried them yet, I did break up some yogurt melts and put tiny pieces in his mouth to melt. He started to chew and seemed to like it, yet he couldn't quite figure out the texture. 

  • Another milestone this month: he celebrated your FIRST Christmas and boy, did he have a ball. We just loved to sit and watch you take it all in. His favorite thing was to take tissue and wrapping paper and try to stuff it in his mouth of course. 

This Le Top outfit layette from The Frilly Frog was a 9 month I got on sale the previous Christmas before we even knew the gender of baby #2. I was thinking it may even be too big, but uhhh I was wrong. I made sure to squeeze him in it for Christmas morning and luckily Le Top runs true to size, if not a bit full. Thank goodness! 
  • He's still our Mr. Serious at times (makes the most serious faces) and so curious about everything. When you call his name he will almost break his neck to turn around and see where you are. He loves to grab things (and put them straight in his mouth) and still pulls my hair and when falling asleep, even likes to scratch his head and rub his own hair. 

  • He can sit up so well now and loves to sit in the floor and play. He loves to sit in his Pello pillow, ball pit, walker, jumparoo or sometimes while I get ready...the SINK. Anything to keep him sitting up and content.

    • His hair is growing more and more - a light brown and his eyes are still very blue. It blows my mind. My eyes are dark dark brown, Chad's are sort of a hazel-ish green. My dad has kinda hazel green-ish eyes but his dad, Charles Wendell Hall, Sr. (also Charlie's namesake) had blue eyes! Even all with dark hair. So maybe they will stick around, maybe they will change...who knows. It's just crazy how God wows you with even the tiniest details :)
    • His feet are SO BIG. Like I'm talking so big that when he's in the jumperoo he jumps SO hard that he has busted out of his footed sleepers. Yes, his little toes bust through because the sleeper feet (even on a 12 month sleeper) are to small. Soooo I guess it's non-footed sleepers from here on out. My word, he is strong. It's pretty hilarious the first time we saw it too. He just looked at us like "What? What'd I do?" 

    I seriously want to freeze time and just sit in this moment forever. The 6-9 month age may be my absolute favorite. They are not quite on the move yet, but can sit and entertain themselves. He's so squishy, cuddly, and just the sweetest. Me and daddy {and Grami especially!} still kiss those sweet cheeks a million times a day and thank the Lord everyday for sending him to us. No presents needed under our tree, because Charlie has truly been the BEST GIFT our family could ever ask for. He seriously makes me want to have a hundred more babies...ugh, I could just eat him up!!!

    Now, I know the next half of his first precious year is going to fly by even faster so please someone figure out how to SLOW DOWN TIME! 

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    1. He is the cutest.. Makes me so eager to have my 1st Grandbaby at the end of July.. Happy 6mths Charlie


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