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Sunday, January 3, 2016

I worked at Sugar by myself 10-4 NYE day, was recovering {and still suffering} from a sinus infection that I was put on antibiotics for Tuesday and I seriously didn't even think I would feel up for doing anything that night. My mom took the boys home with her and she said we could come get them or they could spend the night. Well, our friends who live near mom in a gorgeous new home on Lake Secession had invited us over and after watching the Clemson game at home {Chad is a die hard fan. Like it's ridic how much he was yelling at the TV during the game and I was on the couch dying... trying to take a nap!} we decided to go over for just a bit, then go pick up the boys!

This is Chad's "WE WON!" selfie pic. Eeeeh, I just go along with it. Happy hubs = happy wife. The best we could get with my cracked iPhone screen. New Years resolution: get that fixed asap.

I'm so glad we went because it was great to see friends we had not hung out with in a while and they had karaoke. Not that I really sang, but always highly entertaining. We watched the ball drop, watched a few fireworks, and had lots and lots of laughs. Great times with great friends and Clemson fan or not, I do love my man and enjoyed a little kid-free time with him after such a crazy holiday season!

My mom texted said the boys were fine and to just enjoy our night out and pick them up the next day...ONLY if we spent Friday morning taking all of our Christmas down. Nothing like your mom telling you your New Years Day plans. HA. She knows me too well and knew if we didn't do it on a day we both were off, we wouldn't get it done until February. Again, don't know what I would do without her...

After getting a FULL NIGHT'S SLEEP (aaah, heavenly) you wake up to this when your husband is a Clemson fan and you have a chalkboard in your house. 

So moving on to 2016 goals. I talked a lot about contentment in my previous post and while I am absolutely content with life in general, there's always a few things to work on to better myself...

1. Pray more that Carolina has as good of year as Clemson has had. Dreamin big, I know. HA! {I kid...I kid...}

2. SAVE, SAVE, and SAVE some more. I feel like we have spent so much dang money this past year. There was constantly so much stuff we needed to buy for the new house, then a new baby of course, then designing a new store. I am spent out/#broke. So tired of spending and SO ready to SAVE! I still need curtains in our bedroom (still rockin' the paper shades) and I look around and see so much I WANT to do. But what's necessary? First, I must save. That's the theme for 2016. I have this book and read it years ago, but brought it back out yesterday and plan to re-read it. So good and know it will give me the motivation to get back on track. 

3. Everyone posts about working out/dieting goals and *sigh* I am no different because unfortunately after going to the doctor Tuesday and hopping up on the scales, I nearly fell over. I knew I had been so crazy busy at work and eating whatever in God's creation I wanted, but I guess being so busy I was oblivious to how much I'd actually gained. I had lost a good bit right after having Charlie (a lot thanks to nursing) but since stopping I've slowing gained it back. Time to get serious. I desperately need new kicks to get me motivated and because the ones I have now are literally falling apart. Not because I work out (like, at all. that's my problem) but because I've had them for so long. Maybe I'll save up for THESE....

4. I want to get back to a few books. I don't read a lot anyways, but this year I certainly haven't had a single ounce of time to read ANYTHING but blogs :) I've wanted to read this book and a few others, so to anyone wondering what to get me for my birthday in a few weeks....yaaaaas.... I love Jen Hatmaker!


5. Another thing I've got to take control of (besides my weight) is my freakin' face. I've dealt with acne for over 16+ years now and I hate, hate, HATE it. The only times it has gotten better has been when I've been pregnant. I know it's all hormonal and has a lot to do with what I eat too. I've even been to the dermatologist before but this year I am going back. ASAP. Birthday present to myself. I hope to share soon some of my skincare routine that has helped me tremendously with sun spots since having Charlie, but now I want to try something new (once the dermatologist helps me get it under control) and I read a blogger loved this all organic line - Michael Todd True Organics with Sonicclear brush. Anyone tried? I have a Clarisonic brush also and it recently just stopped working after having it for years + it was so gross/old. I have ULTA gift cards and think I may try this soon. 

6. I'd love to get more organized and PURGE more. I need to have a yard sale and we still need to finish cleaning out our old house + sell it. Yikes. I say this every year but what really needs to be done first is my office! When we moved Sugar, I literally just set up shop in an instant and then crazy holiday season kicked in so I never got completely settled/organized. I am hoping to do that very soon. Like, as in this week. The purging/selling/donating of baby clothes (and my clothes, etc...) will come later in the Spring. I hope.

7. Focus more on my buying trips for Sugar. I have to go to ATL to order at least 5-6 times a year, but it's always so rushed because we've had so much going on this past year. In 2016 I want to truly take my time and really focus on my buying. After all, that's the most important part of owning a retail business (besides customer service) is that you gotta have the RIGHT goods to sell. Here's to hoping I find lots of awesomeness this year (and at really great prices!)

8. Lastly, I'd like to just slow down more and kick back with these two precious boys. Time is flying by and I want to savor every sweet second. My goal is to plan more fun things with them this year, just little {free!} trips and activities that make more sweet memories...AND put the phone down and be more present. I do want to blog more, because I love to document their little lives, either from work or when they go to sleep but I just want to devote more and more time with them since I had a lot that pulled me away this past year. They are my WORLD. So is their daddy and I'd love to have more date nights + plan a fun anniversary weekend for just us two.

I love the start of a new year. A blank slate. So many options. So much to plan. So much to do. 
A chance to start over. A breath of fresh air.

Here's to hoping we all have an incredible 2016!!!

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