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Monday, December 7, 2015

We've been waiting on this weekend for a WHILE!

I've known Jamey for years now. I actually could write a BOOK on here about how we met, how she worked for me years ago before even married, taught for a while, got back into retail and now works with me again....but you see, I'm not sure if one blog post has enough room to share all of the laughs, cries, and fun I've had with this one...

The short story: her and husband Tim have tried for nearly three years to have a baby and the bible verse that has always crossed my mind when constantly thinking/praying for them has been "a faithful man will be richly blessed" (Proverbs 28:20). RICHLY blessed, now. You following?

Well after prayers, prayers, and more prayers and a looooooong journey with too many details to name, God decided that He would bless them richly...abundantly...with not just one baby...but  TWO!!!!!!! They're expecting TWINS May 2016. What a sweet year of blessings it has been, y'all. Seriously.

So this past Saturday we went to the CUTEST Christmas-themed gender reveal to finally find out what the Thomas twins would be!!! 

and it's....


Aaaaaaah! I can't believe I was right. I just had such a strong feeling...and I guess working side by side with her everyday and picking up on context clues (read: cravings/sickness/etc...) didn't hurt either ;) I am so ridiculously excited for them and can not wait to spoil these sweet "Sugar babies". God is so, so GOOD.

We took both boys with us and unfortunately Cade was still not feeling well from a double ear infection (he was actually suppose to be in the Due West parade Friday evening on his preschool float, but he just didn't feel good at all that day and ended up not going to school). He slept through the ENTIRE gender reveal (and looked just like his daddy).

After the gender reveal Mimi & Papa watched the boys for a bit so we could head over to a friends house and watch daddy's beloved football team play for some championship. Yeah yeah yeah....those Tigers, ya know ;) 

Sunday I took both boys to the Greenwood Christmas Parade while daddy worked outside around the house since it was such a gorgeous day. I met up with his parents/cousins and our other cousins Holly and her boys. I've taken Cade for the past two years and he has loved it. Charlie, on the other hand, just didn't know what to think. ha!

sweet cousins...

so rare that I get a pic of all five boys and this one trips. me. out.

Charlie's all like "Maddox, when my mama tells you to better SMILE!" 

Jackson & Maddox (twins) age 7 // Carter, 5 // Charlie, 5 months // Cade, 4

Can't believe they all looked at the same time. Smiles or not, I'll take it.

Still can't get over the mild temps this weekend and gorgeous sunshine. It was amazing. I also accomplished decorating a bit more, buying a few more presents, wrapping a few more presents...but y'all I am so behind. How is there just TWO weekends left before Christmas??? 

**cue panic mode**

Next year I swear I'm going to try to be done with my Christmas shopping by Dec 1st.

(and yes mom, I know I say that every year!!!!!)


  1. Do NOT say 2 more weeks until Christmas!! HAHA! That is so incredibly exciting about your friends!! We do have such an awesome awesome God!! Congrats to them!! Oh & I Love the pic of all the boys!!

    1. Yes we do!!! I'm so thrilled for them! Just can't believe Christmas is so soon either!!

  2. That's so great that they are expecting TWINS.. God is Good all the time. I know that struggle all to real. My daughter has had 2 miscarriages, and is pregnant yet again. We are Praying this lil bean will stick around. She's still early but we could also use some Prayers.. She would have this baby the week of her Birthday. What a blessing it will be along with the greatest Bday gift ever.. Also my 1st Grandbaby besides the 2 that are in heaven.. By the way your boys are just Beautiful..

    1. Prayers for your daughter!!!! I had one miscarriage before having Cade. Breaks my heart to know she's been through that devastation TWICE!!!! I will certainly be praying hard for this new blessing. Merry Christmas and thank you for your sweet words


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