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Friday, December 4, 2015

By far the fastest five months of. my. life.

What a joy it has been, but what chaos too! Definitely didn't plan on moving a store while having a newborn, then the busiest season of the year hitting too but that's what has made time with this little munchkin that much more SWEET. I just can't WAIT to get home from work to this precious face and when I do, I probably hold him and rock him just a little too much (on the weekends too!)

Weight: 19.12 lb (at 4 months)
Diapers: Size 3  Clothing: 9 month & some 12 month

So what has our sweet Charlie been up to?
  • he has outgrown his swing and moved on up to the walker and jumperoo. He LOVES it. He jumps his little heart out and then once he's ready to get out, you know it. 
nevermind big brother just casually flossing his teeth in the mirror
  • he still loves watching tv. It is the craziest thing! He's amazed by it
  • he follows people around the room, especially his brother, until he looks like he's going to break his neck. he is so observant. This is the face he usually makes when watching Cade. Ha!

  • he's still on Similac Sensitive and also eats pears, apples, bananas, and rice cereal / oatmeal . If you can't tell by looking at his pics, this child loves to eat.
  • he has started laughing and will just cackle at the silliest stuff. We have the best time trying to make him laugh, Cade included.
  • he rolls over from back to stomach and will arch up on those two arms like he is about to take off to crawl. He has even sat up for a few seconds on his own!!!

  • he also has not one, but TWO teeth cutting through. can not believe he is getting teeth already. teething has not been fun. I don't remember it being this bad with Cade, but Charlie drools all over everything and puts everything in his mouth, trying to relieve pain. We try teethers, Orajel, constant Tylonal, anything to ease the pain...
  • his favorite toys are this little mirror toy and his Chewbeads
  • he loves to grab! main thing being MY HAIR. He loves loves loves playing with my hair. He has also been trying to figure his hands out, it's the sweetest thing. He will just hold them out in front of him, making praying hands, etc... and look at them like "hey, what are these things?"
  • if he's fussy and sleepy, you need two things: a white noise machine on app on phone (craziest thing, it will instantly stop his crying) or sing "you are my sunshine" - his favorite song
  • he's still getting up once a night. WHYYYYY can't you just sleep ALL night Charlie??? He has to have that bottle at 3am then he goes right back to sleep! 
  • he has his serious faces (especially when I put a camera or phone in front of his face to take a picture) but he honestly smiles ALL the time. As long as he's not hungry or sleepy, he is really the happiest baby! He hasn't had as much gas / stomach problems as Cade did and besides the teething he really hasn't been fussy at all. (knock on wood) 
  • he loves riding in the car, for the most part, and will usually fall asleep. He went to church for the first time finally and slept there too
  • he loved his first Thanksgiving, first time in an outside baby swing!
  • i seriously kiss these sweet cheeks a million times a day it feels like. He is just so cuddly and sweet, I soak in every single second I have with him and I am so THANKFUL God has blessed our family with him. He makes us complete and we can't imagine life without him!!!


We love you more than you will ever know.

Now, let "baby's first Christmas" begin!!


  1. He looks SO grown up it's adorable!! So crazy that he's starting to push up on his arms already! Jack is STILL just a rockin' back & forth! He did start cruising backwards a few steps this weekend... lazy bum! HAHA! Anyways, Charlie is just the cutest little thing! I can't believe He's already 5 months old!! So crazy how quickly time flies once they're born!!

    1. You're so right! What a FUN CHRISTMAS this will be. Y'all are going to have a blast with little JACK :)


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