Christmas Round 1 // Carter's Birthday!

Monday, December 28, 2015

So on Tuesday night we hosted our annual exchange/Dirty Santa with The Ashley's (Chad's family's bff's - basically like family). It also just so happened to also be nephew Carter's FIFTH BIRTHDAY!

Can not believe how five years flies by so fast. From the moment I held him in the NICU on Christmas Day, he stole my heart. He is seriously the sweetest, most thoughtful and compassionate little boy. I love that he and Cade are so close. Some days they even look like twins. Cade calls Carter his "best buddy" and he's also his role model and partner in crime for sure!

So the boys were so excited to all get together and kick off the Christmas fun!

Best buddies just like their dads!

Even the littlest was soooo excited!

The birthday boy had fun opening birthday presents AND Christmas presents!

Charlie sometimes tries to "crawl" out of his Pello pillow and just falls over. He never cries, he just kinda lays there like "HELP HELP I've fallen and I can't get up" and yep, we laugh. Bless it.

Safe to say this one is a mama's boy since he's the baby. Aren't they all? :) 

We had chilli beans since it was cold and rainy, then celebratory cake and ice cream for dessert!

Such a cutie!!

and then, I give you the oh-so-typical pic of our boys...HUH-LARIOUS.

We try...

and this is the best we could do! 

Love how much they all love each other and it's pure joy watching them all grow up together.
Definitely a fun Tuesday night with family & friends!

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