Christmas at Mimi & Papa's + The Newells

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Almost done. Promise.

So Christmas night we went to Chad's parents (Mimi & Papa) to exchange with them, Chad's sister/brother, and their kids! It was SO HOT Christmas day, what in the world. Hence the short sleeves...

Showing off his most favorite gift of all of Christmas (so he says!) - Zombie Strike Nerf Gun.

Like seriously Cade? Simple man just like his daddy, I tell ya.

Mimi & Papa's exchange is always lots of fun and lots of madness. Oh my word the presents!!!
Mimi and Papa looooove to spoil their boys. It is always a grand, fun time even though all of us adults are always tired as all get out. The kids are like energizer bunnies I swear.

just a glimpse of the madness !!!! You could not take a single step, it was crazy...

The best was Carter's reaction when he opened his iPad Mini from Mimi & Papa (Cade got one too because he had shattered our (Well, Chad's) regular iPad. Literally it has a cracked screen and he's still been using it, no case - nothing. Lawd) 

"Nah uh!!!" 

Charlie was just taking it all in. When it's 75 degrees on Christmas Day, poor buddy just wanted his shorts on. He's constantly pulling up his pants and wanting to be naked. Hilarious

Chad's aunt Sallie, her girls, spouses and grandkids came down from Boone, along with more family from Columbia on Sunday and we had Christmas at Chad's grandparents - Jack and Frieda's!

Another mild, warm day in December. Charlie had on a cute outfit but it was quite steamy once everyone got into the house, so our hot natured Charlie had to shed his clothes quite quickly.

Cousin Abigail loved holding him and a CHUNK to hold, he is! Abigail is just two months younger than Cade and though quite petite, I can't even believe that my five month old is nearly her size. This just puts it into perspective with just how big he really is y'all.Pictures are deceiving until you really see him in person. I don't mean big as in chubby either, I mean this baby is just BIG! Too big for this mama's liking as I wish he could stay little foreeeeever :( :( 

With cousin Brianne...

Abigail had so much practice with her Baby Alive dolls that feeding baby Charlie was "no big deal"

Cousin shenanigans...

with cousin Jackie!

Jackie, Jackson (shown in above picture with Cade) and our Jack Charles are all 
named after Papa Jack! 

Our boy may be big, but my word he is HAPPY and HEALTHY and of course I absolutely wouldn't have it any other way. 

I always love a white Christmas (very rare here in SC) but the mild temps made for lots of time outdoors and showing off lots of sweet, awesome baby rolls ;) #winning

Hope you all had a blessed CHRISTmas too and may you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of 2015. I'm on a roll, I tell ya.

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