{SUPER} spooky halloween

Sunday, November 1, 2015

 I friggin' love Halloween.

Christmas is my favorite holiday, next Halloween, then it would have to be the 4th of July.

Pre-babies, Chad and I would host fun Halloween parties {along with Sweetbef's major help} at our "spooky barn" behind our previous home. We all loved dressing up and had a blast every year, but we had not done it in so long and this year my sister and her husband (who are currently living at her in-laws while they are in between houses) decided to host a big fun Halloween party (yes, the in-laws said it was ok and use to do it for years, so again everyone loved them carrying on the tradition).

Since we've added sweet Charlie to the crew, every holiday is so much fun because it's "baby's first...". I loved pulling out all of Cade's Halloween outfits, which I thought would be too big since Cade was 9 months at his first Halloween but since Charlie is our big boy...uhhhh they basically all fit!

Cade at 9 months // Charlie at 4 months
 (well, tomorrow)

Charlie's thinking 
"This kid think he really a skeleton???"

"But what do you meaaan I get to go trick or treating but I don't get to eat the candy??"

Baby Spidey.

So on Halloween we got the boys ready and scooted over to our neighbors for a quick pic of all the kids in the hood. Charlie was pumped, can't you tell?

Then we went to the {spooooky} Hite house for trick or treating fun before their party got started!

Can you see now where Charlie gets his faces from? HA!

The hostesses with the mostesses. Aunt Coco & Uncle Mack. ARRRGH!

Cheesin' with Grami! Don't know what I would do without this woman!!!

or this guy right here. I told him one day "Your costume arrived". He said "WHAT THE WHAT?"
"It's just a t-shirt, calm down". I knew that's all I could get away with and I pick my battles.
Each t-shirt or costume I bought this year was less than $15! Winning.

Only Cade would be all about some graveyard shenanigans. He LOVES Halloween!!!!!!!!

He actually loved handing out candy more than actually going around and getting it!

After we left North Main, we scooted over to Papa Jack and Grandma Frieda's to see all the cousins.
What happened to our sweet boys that were cute clowns, sweet puppies and all? Geez.


Mimi and Papa kept the boys for just a bit so we could go chaperone  check out the party :)

I must say, the sis and bro-in-law did goooood. Real good. 

It was a great party and another sucessful {SUPER fun!} Halloween!!

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  1. What a fun night!! Love Charlie's Halloween outfits!! & LOVE the family costumes!! So fun!!


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