october recap.

Friday, November 6, 2015

In attempt at recapping the entire month of October since I was a slack blogger, here's a quick "cliff notes" version of our jam packed mont (before November slips by all too fast too!)
  • So like I said, we moved Sugar to 334 Main Street and hosted one heck of a Grand Re-Opening. Insane, but all worth it.

  • The Sunday after the Friday/Saturday Grand Re-Opening celebration I. was. exhausted. Alas, I had promised my boy that I would take him somewhere fun because I had total mom guilt for being away from him so much and working so many 12+ hour days. Sunday Funday it was! We went to Greenville with Grami and Aunt Coco for lunch and to have some fun at Frankie's Fun Park! He had a ball. The go-carts were his fav and he said that mommy drove the best. HA

Never too tired for my boys. They are what keeps me going!

  • This month I also took Cade to his second movie ever, Hotel Transylvania 2, along with cousins Maddox and Carter. Cade loooves Halloween and all things spooky. We had watched the trailer for the movie and I knew he would love it but I don't think Cade was cut out to go to the movie theater. Kid does not have a great attention span. He stayed awake the whole time this time but he still walked up and down the isle and crawled up in my lap in the end. Lort.

  • Cade also killed a deer. Just kiddin, daddy killed it and it was one of his biggest ever. Cade had to get a pic!!!

  • One weekend I directed a wedding for a sweet friend and drove to Newberry on both that Friday night, then back again that Saturday. All worth it. Such a beautiful wedding!

  • I sent my child to school for picture day...on the WRONG day. Yep, I'm that mom. That's what being too ridiculously crazy will do to you. So this is not what he wore for his actual picture day, but he sure was dressed cute for a Monday!

  • Another event at Sugar - the 2015 Uptown Grape Stomp (wine walk). We are always one of the stops. That was a lot of fun too!

  • The next day we were up and at em' early for a fundraiser we'd been planning for months for our dear friend Amie - who had a heart transplant several months ago and is still at MUSC recovering. I'll do a separate post on that later! It was a fun, long day and we were all geared up as "Amie's Army" 

  • I went to ATL for market not once...not twice...but THREE TIMES THIS MONTH. Darn you Atlanta and your traffic. Geez. I am pretty use to it since I go nearly once a month, but this month just about did me in. I thought I wouldn't have to go anymore for the rest of the year but I do have to head back to ATL one more time to order Lilly Summer at the end of this month. Then, Atlanta... I love you but we need a break. 

  • Driving so much, particularly back and forth to ATL, moving so much in and out of my store (mannequins, racks, it's constant), having to borrow our parents vehicles just to go on vacations/ market, and now toting around not one, but TWO boys leads to my last blog worthy event in October. I got a new {used} car. Not a car though, an SUV, which I am so not use to because for the past five years I've driven {and loved loved loved} my Toyota Camry. I've always been a Toyota gal, but the newer body styles of the Ford Explorers had me like whoah. Specifically the Sport version. So when the guy at Ballentine Ford Lincoln text me about a new one-owner trade that just arrived on the lot, it was basically a done deal. Wham-bam-thank ya m'am, {y'all know how I tend to make decisions on a whim}...a 2013 Ford Explorer Sport is nowbmy new whip and I. am. obsessed. It has so far been a great decision and has definitely made driving back and forth to Atlanta (and driving my boys) more FUN and more SAFE, which is the main thing I was also looking for. Change is good. So yeah, cheers {always coffee in hand for me} to that...

Now like I mentioned before, in 2016 I will sleep because now we are not kickin' into high gear with holiday season. We decorate Sugar for Christmas this weekend. #retailprobs

Can't believe it's already November - where did this year go? I love this busy month, but do look forward to not having so many work "to-dos" and just having more time with the fam and to just "be". So ready to slow down and soak up the holiday season.


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