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Monday, November 2, 2015

weight: _______ height _____
(will fill in after his 4 month checkup this week)
Size 3 diapers // Size 9 month sleepers // Size 6-9 month clothing

Drinks 6 oz Similac Sensitive every 3-4 hours
Still getting up at least once a night
Spoon fed him cereal and Gerber First Foods apple this weekend for the first time so maybe that will help get his belly full. This baby is a TANK.
  • A hungry little tank that holds a looooot of food, but my word has he stolen my heart.He smiles all the time now (contrary to what most of his "so serious" pics show) and I just love it. If anyone smiles at him, he smiles back. He is so observant and loves people watching

  • I swear he is teething because he's drooling like crazy and chewing on everything. He will just cry and be so fussy, you can tell it hurts so bad. This part sucks. Cue the teethers already.
  • He has learned to blow bubbles and spit
  • He has great hand eye coordination and already reaches for things and can put things in his mouth. He's also pulling my hair already.
  • He has also found his feet! The cutest thing when babies find their feet and constantly want to grab on to them.
  • He learned to roll over from his back to tummy, but always goes to the left! He can hold his head up so good and lovse it for a while but then gets mad when he realizes he can kick his legs but can't go anywhere! 

  • He can sit up if assisted and since he's basically grown out of the Bumbo, he tried out the jumperoo for the first time with a pillow under his little feet and he LOVED it.
  • He loves to "sing". If he hears music or if we sing to him, I swear the child starts "singing". We've got it on video a lot and I must post. Cade did the same thing. It's the best!!!!
  • He LOVES to watch the TV. Cade never cared for it until recently, but Charlie seems mesmerized by it. Anytime Cade watches cartoons, Charlie is in a trance! 
  • His brother adores him. I knew my heart would nearly explode having two precious kiddos but oh. my. word. These boys have stole my heart ENTIRELY. I love that Cade is already so protective over him and I know they will be the best of friends. Every morning Cade will wake up and ask "Mommy, do you have to go to work today?" So on Saturdays (for the most part) I'm able to say "NOPE!" and it always results in morning snuggles in our bed. THE BEST.

  • Charlie is growing. like. a. weed. Seriously every day I swear it's like he gains a pound. At the last check up for his head he weighed 18 pounds. That was like two weeks ago. I am interested to see his weight this week at 4 month well check. He's going to be off the charts!!!
9 month outfit that was Cade's and it's snug! 
  • He kicks all the time. When he's in the bouncy we have to put something at the bottom so he doesn't hurt his legs. He is ALWAYS kicking those legs - whether in swing, laying in crib, bouncy, etc...
  • He make the funniest faces and his eyebrows say a million times more than words ever could!

  • He's a mama's boy and spoiled slap rotten. Sometimes he will get fussy with Chad and then I get him and he's all better. Not going to lie, I do love it but double edge sword when I need to get stuff done. HA! He is the best cuddle buddy and I just love rockin' him, kissing these sweet cheeks, and looking into those big blue eyes. I wish I could bottle up this time forever!!!!

Can't believe the "first third" of his first year is over. Here's a collage for comparison...

Also, to end this post I asked Cade what his favorite thing was about Charlie right now...his response...

"When he smiles at me!"

Be. still. my. heart. 

I'll try to ask him every couple months so I can remember. This is truly the sweetest.
Love my boys to the moon and back!!!!!!


  1. Gah your boys are soooo cute!!!! Their grins just light up the world!!!! On a completely unrelated topic - I might need to retain your handwriting services for our wedding - I've got a few chalkboards I want some things written on! ;)

    1. I will gladly help ya out m'am!! I love it! When is the big day??? So exciting!!


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