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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Last Saturday I took Cade to his first Carolina game.

well, really Cade's first ever college football in general...
but you know I'm taking him straight to Williams Brice FIRST!

(sorry daddy...who is yes, *sigh*, a Clemson fan)

So daddy stayed back and had to work last Saturday, Mimi & Papa (Chad's parents) have season tickets and we knew USC vs Citadel game was the perfect game to take Cade to. (Charlie stayed with Grami!) Even better being a noon game! So we got up super early and made our way down I-26 to watch the Gamecocks...

While Cade and I just rode with Mimi & Papa, Chad's sister, her husband, and all three boys came in their own vehicle and met up with us to tailgate for a bit. The boys had a blast playing football with each other. Their knees were already grass stained well before we ever started walking to the stadium.


I had tickets from my sister and brother in law since they didn't make it that week and much to our surprise Cocky was just hanging out in our section when we walked up to our seats. 
Cade was ecstatic!

awesome military tribute. the jets flying over give me chills but Cade was of course just a wee bit afraid of the booming noise.

Other than that, this kid had a freakin' ball! He kept dancing to Sandstorm and screaming "GO COCKY!" I had to explain that "no son, Cocky does not actually play football"

he is such a character...never a dull moment...

Soooo it was a brutal game to watch (still can not believe we lost to The Citadel) but win or lose my blood runs garnet and I had the absolute BEST day with my big boy!!! It also always feels so good to be back at my "old stompin' grounds". Like seriously, wasn't I just sitting in the student section...uh....yesterday?? Now I'm back with my three year old??? Aaaaaahhhhh time is flying...

He really loved it and I can't wait to take him again next season...

Hey, who knows...maybe we will even win next time :)

Aaaah, the life of a Gamecock. You get some great get some bad seasons. At the end of the day, I love seeing Chad so thrilled with how Clemson has done this year and *clap clap* for them. It's great! No, really!!! I'm proud of any SC team that does so well, but you better believe I had to rub it in his face when the Gamecocks sure did put up one heck of a fight against those #1 Tigers. Can't wait to watch them in the big game this Saturday and I can't believe in the blink of an eye, another season is over!!

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