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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Last month my big boy turned three and a half. In the blink of an eye, mind you.

He is bursting with personality, comedy, wit, and sweetness. He can be the perfect little angel, then give you a hard headed, stubborn temper tantrum that will make your eyes cross in 2.5 seconds flat.

I want to remember some of the fun, quirky things he says because he certainly keeps us laughing {and cringing} when we don't know what in the world he is going to say next. I joke with everyone that I should have warned the preschool teacher about his imaginative "stories"...

Here's what our big boy Cade has been up to:
  • He loves preschool so far! Some mornings it's hard to get him up {he's not a morning person and loves to sleep. "He get it from his mama"} but once he's in the car on the way he is jacked
  • We ask him what his favorite part of preschool is. His response "Centers". "Well which center do you like the best"...."Home Living". ha little chef Cade coming right up....
  • Also when we ask him what he did at preschool, the answer is always "Well we had a snack..." every. single. time. Priorities!
Cade: "I want to be a Lightman when I grow up"
Me: "What is a Lightman?
Cade: "You know, like when you shine the light looking for frogs..."
Me: "Ooooooh" {clearly, still so confused}
Cade: "Yeah it's kinda like "frog-biggin"
  • He's been known to give me a heart attack (or two) lately. A few days ago he jumped OVER his baby brother who was laying on the activity mat on the floor. Omg. I cant.
  • His favorite foods are Pop-Tarts and "Chucky Charms" (lucky charms) for breakfast and he loves chocolate milk. He also loves Mac & Cheese, grilled cheeses, Lunchables...anything with cheese! He also gets that from his mama :)
  • He looooooves being outside with his daddy. They ride the Bad Boy Buggy and go check the hunting trail cameras, they build sandboxes together, they cut grass, he is certainly all boy and loves anything camo, gun related, or with wheels. He always has dirty nails and skinned up knees.

  • With that being said though, he also loves going shopping with me (just because he thinks he will get a prize. HA) and he can be the sweetest thing giving me compliments like "Mama I like your dreeeeessssss" or "Mama I like your hair like that". It is too cute and melts my heart every time.
  • A few days ago he told one of our friends that he got that scratch on his leg "from a tiger at the zoo". Ummm we haven't been to the zoo in like over a year.
Me: "Cade, tell Daddy who you love!"
Cade: {with a sheepish grin} "MAMA!!!!!!!"
[chad made a sad face]
Cade: "But daddy I love EVERYBODY....I love God... I love Jesus up in the sky (points to sky)... I love Santa Claus...I love myself...I love you....I love mama...I love me....I love Charlie..."

Good to know Santa Claus made the list before mama and daddy...aaaaand let's note how much he loves HIMSELF. BAH!
  • He is fearless. So much so, sometimes it scares me. At the beach he wanted to STAY in the ocean {cue the JAWS panic} He just kept going under, like a little fish. He also would go under and swim in the kiddie pool with no swimmies and he thought he was big stuff.
  • When Cade is tired, he's ill. When Cade is tired, he's grump. When Cade is tired, he. will. sleep. anywhere. This is how I found him yesterday. I knew he was being too quiet...

  • My favorite thing is to watch him talk to Charlie, but in MY VOICE. He copies everything Chad and I do. He will start doing that baby talk to Charlie and say "It's ooooohkaaaay buuuuh-dy" and it just cracks me up every time.
  • He's actually a huge help with Charlie. If I say "Cade, go grab me a burp cloth. Go grab me a diaper", etc... he will go to the nursery and knows exactly where everything is. He doesn't miss a beat. Very thankful for that! 
  • Oh and I'll leave you with this, one of Cade's proudest moments was when he realized that when the line on Charlie's diaper went from yellow to blue, that meant he was wet. Cade will try to check his diaper and yell "MAMA! He's WET! We gotta change him!!!!"  Huh-larious.
Love my boys to the moon and back and can't imagine life before two now. It is always a crazy circus, but like everyone always told me...with two, you just keep right on going and you just DO IT. I was nervous as hell at first, but once Charlie was here I understood. You just "do it", there's no other choice but to keep going, resume life as usual, and get back to normal once the "very new" wears off. Last night I packed/lugged them both in the car by myself, drove to Greenville to pick up my friend, then scooted up to Spartanburg to see a friend's new baby. All of us. Piece of cake. I don't even think twice about it anymore now that I have the hang of it. We love always being on the go. I don't know any other way. 

Excited for the fun adventures ahead, watching Cade learn more in preschool and grow...and experiencing lots of laughs in my future! 

God is good.

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  1. I sure do miss you guys and hearing Mama Joy tell all of the funny Cade stories!!!! Reading this post reminds me sooo much of Erik at this age - all boy and W-I-L-D!!!!! Glad to see that you've gotten the hang of having 2 little boys!!! They are absolutely precious!


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