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Thursday, July 3, 2014

  • New blog look in the works thanks to the talented Leslie at Sweetie Baby's Designs. She has awesome pre-made templates and is so fun to work with. I love having links on the blog now to Sugar's FB, website, my Pinterest, Twitter, etc... for easy access. Also if you'll notice there are new tabs at the top to be completed. "Home Sweet Home" being one of them because yes, I've decided to document our exciting house building experience and will have to do a post soon to catch everyone up. I love looking back at old posts on this little ol' blog of mine. It has been the best scrapbook. Can't believe I've been writing for five years now but I swear writing is actually a stress reliever for me, so Lord knows I need to write as much as possible these days!
  • Today is my daddy's 59th birthday. Seems just like yesterday we were celebrating his 50th! Gah, miss him so much. The 4th is always one of my favorite holidays, but with daddy's (and my papa's) birthday on the 3rd and the 6th being 6 years since daddy's never an easy week. Make sure you hug your loved ones extra tight this weekend and always.

  • What gets me through the hard times is this sack of pure sugar right here. He is SUCH a mess these days. Little comedian just like his daddy and never a dull moment in the McClain household. My boys keep me laughing and oh how I love them...

  • On to more randomness, this past week I bought "Rub n' Buff" for the first time at Hob Lob. How did I not know about these stuff? Ummm best product ever. I wanted to try it for a light fixture I purchased a few weeks ago (yes, as in for the new house. Rub n' buff'n a light fixture. I'm crazy) and the Grecian Gold color was just a bit too brassy, so I decided to try it out on the knobs on my desk I repainted a few years ago. What a difference it made. I loved it! Also love my new Lindsay Letters print I scored 1/2 off at Hob Lob too. So thrilled to see her artwork there and even more thrilled to add to our home.

  • Even more craftiness was going on in our house last night. Chad and his buddy made new cornhole boards and guess who got stuck painting them? Yep. I'll have to show the finished product soon.

  • After 6pm today, I'm off to enjoy a LOOOONG weekend full of fun 4th festivities. Can not wait and just for kicks, can we please talk about how fast time flies? This is a TBT to Cade's first 4th of July! He will be 2 1/2 exactly one month from today. I know, right? I can't even talk about it.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY and SAFE Independence Day weekend!!


  1. Looove the new layout & design!! Hugs to you this week/weekend... I know those type of "anniversaries" are never easy. What exactly does the Rub n' Buff do?? Just enhances the colors & stuff? Can't believe Cade is so big! Is he precious!!

    1. Thanks friend! Appreciate the hugs. The Rub n Buff is like some kind of waxy metallic finish. It's in a tube, like paint, just you rub on with fingers. Seriously i didn't even use a brush and it was so much easier than taking hardware off, spray painting, putting back on. I do need to use brush to get right up close to the desk - but yeah this is what you call "lazy girls painting" . HAHA Have a happy 4th!


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