WILW: dreaming of a new closet space

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Aaaah, the closet. The glorious, glorious closet. Some folks think I'm silly when I laugh and say I'm building a new house just to get a bigger closet. Of course that's not 100% entirely true. Our future {shared} closet is not even going to be huge or anything, but it's a lot bigger than what I have now {we have very tiny his and her walk ins} and the main thing is this new house will give us more storage overall. Bonus room and bedroom of unfinished storage upstairs, plus large attic space. I'm not going to know what to do with myself. Seriously! We have no extra closet space here, no attic space. Our storage is a barn that's back behind our house and I'm certainly not putting clothes down there. At the end of each season I pack up that season worth of clothing, stuff them into my small Camry, and haul them over to my mom's house. Take them all out and drag them upstairs to round racks that are literally sitting in the middle of my old room. I've done that for six years. 

Well then you're probably just thinking I have entirely too many clothes, right? You'd be surprised. I constantly have to edit my closet to keep up with ever-changing trends at the store and I only keep those along with true classics that I love and have enjoyed for years. I really don't have room TO put a ton of clothes, but yes in my profession I do probably have more than most. It's my job. It's my passion. It's my life. If we're being honest here, heck it's a huge chunk of my salary. Yep, hanging right there in my closet - Carrie Bradshaw style. My clothes and my closet are my happy place. A "mom-cave", if you will. For some it may be the gym, a reading nook in their home, their kitchen if they love to cook, garage if they love their fancy car, etc... Nope. For me, I work all day organizing Sugar then I come home and organize my closet. Super weird, I know, but I love it and guarantee it's the only organized part of our entire house. 

So today, I'm dreaming of a new gorgeous closet space...truly a dream come true for me. Again, nothing huge...but maximized use of space, insanely organized, glam, and girly. (You're right. I did say shared closet didn't I? There will be an ever-so-tiny-maybe-have-to-use-magnifying-glass-to-see section for Chad, have no fear. Just sorry about the decor honey. Side note: he will have a separate man cave and huge dresser/armoire so we're good. He's happy) The chandelier has arrived and I have a fun animal print rug, but other than that I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do as far as storage, rods, shelving. I really should have put more thought into this, huh? Maybe these pics will inspire me...and maybe I need to go find a money tree out back to buy some awesome built ins! Gah, wouldn't that be nice? These are enough to make you drool...

and a fun quote I found on Pinterest...

Now off to find that darn money tree and drum up some ideas.
What spot in your home is your retreat? Your saving grace? 

Who am I kidding though? I'm pretty sure there will still be stale Goldfish crackers on my future closet floor.
Mamas, you know it's true. Life with toddlers. Gotta love it!

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