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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This past weekend I basically worked the whole time and Chad was out of town on a fishing trip. He came home early Sunday morning for Father's day, but it was only the second Saturday he's had off since Jan 1st. Six months! I figured he deserved it and even though Cade and I missed him lots, he had a great time in the low country. 

Again, I had to work all day Saturday, then came home to clean (who am I?) and get gifts ready for Father's Day while my two year old was partying it up at the lake with Grami and Charles! 

I mean I did give him a curfew :)

When Father's Day rolls around, I'm going to be's the hardest day of the year for me.
I miss my daddy, papa Hall, and papa Young sooo much and life will never be the same without them. I've certainly got a lot of special guardian angels watching over me and look forward to the day I get to laugh with them all again...

but the good Lord sure did bless me with a husband who is an amazing father to our son and a wonderful father-in-law who has taken me in as his own. We enjoyed Sunday lunch with Chad's family and pool time with the kids.  

Here's Cade wearing one of his cousins hand-me-down Lilly Pulitzer polos (and an Oreo mustache). 
Wish Lilly made little boy's polos, shorts and swim trunks again! 

After Chad and I dropped my car off in Abbeville to be fixed this week (thank you stupid deer!), we stopped by the "new house" since he hadn't been over since Wednesday of last week and wanted to see the foundation progress. Now I had a whole post about our brick selection and when trying to do "labels" on post, which I'm new at and re-save it, I somehow deleted the whole darn thing. Therefore, I'll post a few brick pics here, but will do a progress post soon to keep up with dates and such from beginning to end. The process of building a house has always intrigued me and each one is so different, so this scrapbook of a blog will hopefully keep up with some of the progress so it will be fun to look back on one day. As of Sunday they had the back wall, one side and were coming along to the front. We absolutely love how our brick turned out!! 

We live about 20 minutes away from our new home site, so we don't get by every day but try to go twice a week or so since I can go home that way from work. It's very exciting, even though it still feels surreal to me! I have yet to wrap my head around that fact that this is actually happening.
More updates to come...

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