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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Last Thursday I received my VS I ordered on major sale. I was reluctant to order VS swimsuits this year because I usually could never find any that fit just right and this year I've put on a few more lbs than last, so I felt like tankinis and one pieces were probably my safest bet. Well I do have an adorable one piece from Nordstrom on the way and plenty of tankinis on hand that I've loved for years, but I had to scoop up these lovelies because 1. on sale 2. my sister got one swim top in and I tried it, fell in love. It's split into two shipments, but everything in this first shipment arrived and I was pleasantly surprised. EVERYTHING actually fit (never happens on first try and they actually covered me up, not super skimpy) and they are now my motivation to get more toned before beach time! 

(and if not, oh well I'm still rockin' them because they are so darn cute. I'm 30 and have had a baby. The bod is never gonna be what it use to be, so I've got to just get over it and learn to love myself no matter what. Acceptance = happiness!)  Us women are entirely too hard on ourselves...and others apparently. Take the MISS USA Indiana incident this week. Seriously? She's a size 4!!! Can not believe the criticism. Get over yourself people.

Unforgettable Demi Top & Foldover Bottom //  Tropical Floral/Leopard
Pink Ladder Back Flounce Top // Pink Floral . Bottoms will be solid mint, backordered.

Friday I went to market for the day and stocked up on so many amazing styles. Let me introduce you to your new best friend: soft pants. That's what they're calling them (maybe bc they've already used MC Hammer pants, harlem pants, etc...) but no seriously, it's not so much even the shape as the FABRIC. The softest ever. Really feels like pjs and great for lounging, yes, but can be dressed up too! 

Cute sweaters on order for Fall...even though no, I don't even want to think about that 
right now but I had to. Amazing price points on these too. Even better! 

Be sure to follow @scsugar on Instagram for more market photos!

Mom and I also stopped by Ballard outlet on the way out of ATL to look for specific chairs I wanted for Sugar's new dressing room design. Well low and behold they had none of the chairs I needed (even though I've seen them there every single time), but I did end up getting the deal of the century on a light fixture for the new house. 
Will post more about that later!

On to Saturday... 

I had the day off and it was so gorgeous, felt like the perfect day to head to Uncle Wayne and Aunt Monk's pool!
(Mimi took Cade to get a haircut on Friday and my word, he looks even MORE like his daddy now. So grown)

So proud of my three year old nephew Carter. Jumping off the diving board!!!!
Can't believe I captured this. Hilarious.

We sipped out of Fripp cups and pretended we were there. 
Can't wait because I'm in serious need of a vacation!

The boys ended up racing John Deere's while the men fired up the grill and we played cornhole.
 It was the perfect, relaxing day!

One has no pants. One has no shirt. Typical. Never a dull moment!
No makeup, post-pool, lazy Saturday rides on the "bad boy" with this little guy 
is what it's all about! Couldn't think of a better way to end the day. 

Sunday I did end up coming in to work for a bit because I knew Monday we would be taking a somewhat spontaneous trip to see Thomas the Train at Tweetsie Railroad in Boone, NC! 
Full post on that next. We had a blast!


  1. I LOVE that pink floral swim suit top on the right. That might have to get ordered today haha. One question, is it padded at all? My biggest issue with VS suits is how flimsy and see thru the tops are (especially when wet). Does this one seem thick enough on top? Does that make sense? Haha thanks for your help! :) (from a fellow mama with a wagon wheel obsessed little man!)

    1. heeeey! Yes it has light padding and then the ruffle covers too so I felt like it definitely had great coverage, which is what I'm looking for. It held me up too , I may get straps taken up just a tad (i ordered a large and am a full C cup) but I was amazed at how great it fit. I thought for sure the PINK line would be super skimpy, but no. Also my sister and I both thought the ruffles were flattering , even being bigger busted. It somehow makes your waist look tinier? (total illusion but hey, I'll take it) They have so many different prints, I ordered a black pineapple print too. You'll love it. Super comfy too! Still on sale! Go get ya one!!

    2. Awesome thanks so much girl!! Heading to vs website now:)

  2. I checked out your boutique's website. Loved what you carry in your store. Have you heard of the Escapada clothing line? My daughter in law works for them. The corporate office is located in Mt. Pleasant, SC. The clothes are wonderful and very comfortable. I receive many compliments whenever I wear one of their tops.


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