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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Most of you know that any shade of aqua or turquoise is my all time favorite color, followed by pink. It's so calming. I love to wear it, love to decorate with it, and even used it for bridesmaid dresses in my wedding. We painted our sunroom a bright shade of aqua when we remodeled the house we are in now and later painted the nursery a light shade of aqua. I changed up the nursery to grey for his "big boy room", but haven't tired of the aqua sunroom yet. I knew I would have to use a shade of aqua in our future house somewhere and what better place than one of the first rooms you will see when you walk in our front door...the dining room!

The dining room will be open to the foyer and living room with only columns defining the space, so the paint color will be a pretty big deal since it will always be seen and open.
Therefore, my favorite color it will be!

Here's my inspiration...

We already have a large farmhouse table and china cabinet that we bought from my dad and stepmom at an amazing price when we first moved in the house because quite frankly, they didn't want to move it because it was so heavy. [Also, I think combined they both had plenty of furniture to spare] I would love a super formal dining room set one day, but for now I'll be working with what we got and I absolutely love all the nicks, scratches, and authenticity of it. We eat on that table almost every single night as a family with Cade in his highchair.

My theory is that you should fill your home with things you LOVE and make you HAPPY. Whether it be paint colors, pieces of furniture, light fixtures, or artwork...anything that makes you smile, makes you happy to live there, and makes it a comfortable setting is what you should do. It also becomes a true reflection of you, just like this quote says. I keep telling myself that no matter how mish mashed my selections may seem, it will surely "flow" and have a cohesive look because it's all things that I love and a reflection of my style right?

No doubt a light aqua blue dining room (or actually having a defined formal dining room space at all, since we do not right now) will make me giddy happy every time I look at it. Now to decide what blue it will be. If you have any favorites, do share!


  1. In love with the first dining room! Prettiest color, ever!

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  2. Love the shades of aqua!! & I am right there with you sister... There's no 2 pieces of furniture in my house that are a "set". Yes everything goes together & works but, it's a mix match of stuff too. It works though & I honestly get so many compliments on all of my different pieces.

  3. LOVE these! My dining room is a blue/green/grey. I used Benjamin Moore "Bali" but also like "Catilna Blue" on the same paint strip!


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