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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The front door is one of the first things guests see when they walk up on to your porch and into your home. It is the first impression and sets the tone for the rest of the house in my opinion. When we decided to go with grey siding and black shutters on the new house, I immediately thought about a bold black door because I absolutely LOVE our front door now that I painted it black several years ago. 

Our future little country cottage will feature transom and sidelight windows around the front door, so you can get a similar idea with this picture...

You just can not go wrong with a timeless black door.

However, I am also obsessed with the idea of painting the front door a bright fun color. 
Particularly a shade of aqua blue (what? how did you know? ;) 

In love with these images from Pinterest.

Similar to what our color scheme will be. I have always adored Amanda's style over at Dixie Delights.
She shares my love for all things blue and her back porch is to. die. for! The whole house really. Perfection.

Clearly I have plenty of time left to think about this, but for me the decision is easy. 
We will use shades of greys and blues throughout our whole house so this isn't going to just be a random color for the front door. But so what if it is? It's just paint, right? Our front door can be a reflection of us and our home. While black is classic, timeless, and always at the top of my radar...for now this color is more of a reflection of us for this time in our lives.... a color that says "we like to have fun, enjoy life, and never take things too seriously" (this is soooo my husband, Lordamercy) This color makes me happy and I hope when guest enter our home they immediately feel light-hearted and happy too. Ready to laugh and have a good time.

...and yep, y'all are always welcome to knock on our blue door any ol' time!


  1. i think a blue door or any color door is a great idea. my mom...after 25+ years of being in her home painted her door bright red like she's always wanted only a couple of years ago. and one of my friends just painted her front door yellow. it's paint. it can be changed to match your mood or the trends or your style. i say go for the blue door right out the gate.

    also...that last might want to rethink that. ;)

    1. thanks, i almost just spit my drink out AGAIN!!!!!! You're so right.


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