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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Remember when Diane Keaton begins typing like a maniac at her gorgeous desk, looking out her massive, gorgeous bay window in the movie "Something's Gotta Give"? So great. 
When I realized we would have a small bay window in our bedroom with our new house plan, I quickly decided it would be the perfect place for my desk. Owning my own business, it's a given that I work from home on my laptop a good bit. Well, a lot actually...even on days off. We won't have a room for an office (well, there will an extra bedroom, but I hope one day {...hint hint Chad} it's a nursery for Cade's sibling ) and there's really no room to put a desk anywhere else. Maybe room on a living room wall somewhere? If not, the bedroom it is. I'm a little hesitant just because I don't 100% love the idea of working from the bedroom, but then again it may be the only {somewhat} "toddler-free zone" we will have.
 Something small and simple like this would be perfect...

I could see our bay window being a lot like this in size now that they've began the foundation and I can visualize it. I could also soooo see myself working from that desk!

Want to keep it simple, chic, and just the necessities. Maybe a little girly too. Ok, not too girly because Chad may croak, but "pretty" I should say.

What's your thoughts on creating a small office space in the bedroom?
Yes or no?
Truth be known, I really use my laptop the most while sitting on the couch, but I definitely need a certain spot to keep bills, envelopes, cards, files, etc... and just our personal "stuff". Hope to utilize this space, yet keep it as simple, clean, and "pretty" as possible. We shall see!


  1. I always wanted a bay window when I was younger. b/c all the cool girls in movies had bay windows that they would sit in and read their books or write in their diaries. i even attempted to make a window in my bedroom one...but obviously failed. now i just want a room where I can have a fun desk and make into an day. you're so lucky. i'll come sit in your new bay window and pretend like i'm writing in my diary.

    1. pssssh, I'll trade you the desk in bay window for your awesome vanity set up you've got!!!! Deal???


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