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Friday, June 27, 2014

:: one :: 

Kate Spade agendas have arrived at Sugar this week. So stinkin' cute. Love the clean, simple interior. It's the perfect blank canvas to start planning away. Available in three different prints. They're all so cute, I haven't even been able to decide myself. Shop in store and online over at our website

:: two :: 

This photo doesn't do justice but we've tried fresh cut squash with olive oil, salt and pepper, and parmesan cheese in the oven for 350 for about 20-30 minutes. SOOOOO good. Chad even loves it. We've been trying to cut out carbs lately and this is a great option for veggies that taste even like they've been deep fried.

Try it. You won't be disappointed.

:: three :: 

This kitchen is giving me some major inspiration and making me re-think dark cabinetry. It's a constant battle that goes on in my mind daily. Dark painted or all crisp white? We shall see, but this is very similar to how our future L-shaped kitchen/peninsula will look like and it makes me insanely excited.

:: four :: 

Stripes. Obsessed. Oh and sooooo ready for a beach trip and air dried beach hair. Love this...

:: five :: 

As always, I end with a quote. This week these two in particular spoke to me. Especially when building a house, it's so easy to get caught up in everything...there's too many dang options for one thing. It's easy to think, "everything has to be the best", "what will people think if I do this?", "but so and so thinks this is better idea", "gotta have the perfect house". It can be exhausting if all you do is sit there and think about 1. what other people think 2. what other people are doing. 

Heck no. Who has time for that? Oh and news flash: there is no perfect house.

So glad I'm reading the book The Nesting Place right now. The Lord dropped it in my lap at the perfect time because it's exactly what I need to keep me focused doing what's best for US. Just us. Our family. Nobody else has to live there. There have been a lot of decisions made already that we feel so confident about, because it just made sense for us. It was easy. It clicked. We also try not to go look at any other houses or compare to things I see on blogs, Pinterest, Houzz, etc... It's great to get ideas, but it's soooo easy to get caught up thinking you should do everything under the sun except what you should be doing for you. We're just trying to pick options that are best suited for us, fit our needs, and most importantly keep us within the strict budget we've set for ourselves so that this new home remains a blessing, not a burden. (Lord knows I'm the first to admit I could easily get carried away. God made me a spender and Chad a penny pincher. Thankful the Lord makes opposites attract. Ha-lle-lu-jah! My saving grace)

I'm human. I definitely get beyond nervous at times about what others will think if we do this or if we do that. You may be in similar situation or nervous about branching out and starting a new business venture...or something as simple as trying a new crazy fun outfit at work tomorrow. Yes, you'll have critics everywhere and those who think you aren't doing the "right thing" or "Their way". At the end of the day this quote sums it up perfectly. A good one to tape to the fridger-roo.

Time to take risks, throw perfection out the window (precisely what The Nesting Place book is about), and create a life {and home} that we LOVE.

Who's with me?

P.S. I have several prayer request for all you prayer warriors out there. My husband's uncle has been battling cancer and did not receive good news this week. He has decided to forgo chemo, so please pray for my mother-in-law and the entire family as they prepare for the inevitable. Also pray for a CURE. Cancer has taken away so many loved ones. Our hearts are being ripped out once again.
Also, I have an anonymous prayer request for a close friend and also for my mom who is having an ultrasound now for a spot they found during a mammogram last week. Pray for good results! Times like these put it all in perspective and especially make all this other we worry about seem silly.
Thanks in advance for the prayers!

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