obsessions: wood floors in master bathroom

Thursday, May 22, 2014

When thinking about planning a new master bathroom, I have always envisioned an "all-white" color scheme (which I still love) but now I have fallen in love with the look of wood floors in a master bathroom to really warm up the space. Whether it be ceramic tile, regular hardwood flooring, or even vinyl wood plank flooring, here's a couple of looks that I've been swooning over...

Would you go for it?


  1. Absolutely love this. I would do it if I were building!

  2. I love the idea of wood floors throughout the whole house! Once we're done remodeling we'll have it everywhere except the bedrooms & bathrooms but, I think in our final (or next to final) house I'll do them everywhere! However, I'm torn with which color I would go with... both the lighter & the darker are so beautiful! We currently have darker!

    1. Ditto! We are thinking dark (not super dark, but dark) with light walls throughout. I love them both though like you. Only thing I'm scared of water damage on hardwoods in master bath. What ya think? Chance it or no?


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