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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend and hope you all did as well. First up, I was sad I couldn't attend my half-brother's high school graduation last Friday, but I am so proud of him. Officially an Orangeburg Prep School grad and even more proud that he will be following in the footsteps of both his sisters and will become a Carolina Gamecock in the Fall! Wish so bad my dad was here to see this. Know he was grinning from ear to ear up in heaven this weekend. I can just see him now!

I was 12 when my brother was born and I use to help change his diapers, tote his chunky little self around, oh I was a little mama...and now I just CAN NOT believe he has GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL! Oh my gosh y'all. I know I will blink and the same thing will happen with Cade. Time flies entirely too fast and it's just another reminder that we have to soak it all in. The days may seem long but the years go by so quick. My baby brother is now a handsome young man! (sniff sniff)

On Saturday morning Cade and I went Voila! to 1. help my mom since she was working for the day because like I said Courtney was in DC being in a wedding and 2. it was one of my friend's "Maid to Perfection" parties where we get fitted for our bridesmaids dresses while sipping champagne! It's a fun time. Yes, since I had Cade it was a little more hectic, but he enjoyed "babysitting" Kelly's sweet niece Khloe (pictured here). Every time she would cry he would reach for the paci and try to shove it in her mouth. Nice.

Later that evening we had some fun outside soaking up sunshine then went to the lake
 for dinner with my mom. Wild man LIVES on this 4-wheeler. He's already giving me a lot more gray hairs than I bargained for. 

On Sunday Chad's sister and her husband had a pool party so we enjoyed time with friends and cousins! So much so that I didn't take a single picture. Oops. 

Then yesterday, on Memorial Day, we just kinda lounged around in the morning then finally went over to my mom's best friend's lakehouse for some lake time with mama, her bf charles, his son and gf, uncle mack and aunt coco! (Chad went to Lowes and opted to do some things around the house. He is in major project mode all of the sudden. I think it was really that he just had enough sun already! ha)

Here's Cade flexin' his muscles in his spiderman swimmies!

There was a tube we hooked up to the dock so you could lounge and not float away. Cade just thought that was the coolest thing. Him and Aunt Coco had a good time...

Then he told Coco to "get off the tube or he was going home". Oh my gah, such a mess.
These "terrible twos" are legit folks. Ok, so they're not SO terrible or anything but I just have no idea where this little attitude comes from all of a sudden! Blows my mind. 

He certainly keeps us on our toes, but he was so good just floating around by himself in the tube that he did deserve a push up treat. Attitude one minute...sweet at sugar the next. 

The weather was just amazing this past weekend. So thankful for all the sunshine. Now here's to a short work week and also finally breaking ground on the house this week. Woohoo!

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